Saturday, October 11, 2014

Crazy days...... normal in other words....

Again i apologize for not posting..... but it seems i am in a rut of sorts.

By day i am working three projects at the day job.  While i wait on feedback on one i work on the other ones and rotate on and on.  By night and weekends i pencil, ink and letter Carson of Venus™ for Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc., as i am sure most of you know already.  here is a sneak peek of the next Carson..... he is the 'guest' in a Venusian mansion, but thinking he is really a prisoner.  Tune in to find out at: Edgar Rice Burroughs comics. 

It is still only 1.99 a month and you get close to 12 strips a week.  The talent is growing too.  Comic greats like Roy Thomas, Chuck Dixon, Rick Leonardi, Tom Grindberg, lots of others join Martin Powell, writer of several of the strips, me, and Diana Leto on Carson Napier's story.

Ok, that is my week.... and most all of my time.  Especially now as Carson's story is moving to new lands.  We are finally getting to more 'civilized' areas of the planet. So we have new monsters, new weapons, new styles of architecture, costumes, and even vehicles on the land and in the air to design.  All that takes some time.  So give it a try sometime. Design a whole world. Grab a book and try to make it come to life. Then you will know the world i live in.  The Carson story winds through five novels....well four novels and a novella.  We are only about two-thirds thru the second book, so we have a good bit to go.  And of course with more things to design, visualize, and figure out.

Oh also working on some ideas for some game illustrations, so make that three jobs i am trying to get thru, and with my hands and rotten nervous system it is getting tough.

'til next time Loyal Legionnaires..... things are also moving forward at a snails pace on your hero and mine..... Captain Spectre - Phantom Soldier of the Skies!!!!