Wednesday, June 26, 2013

busy busy busy.....

jumping catfish has it been a month sorry for the long month between updates, just kind of been a bit busy with Carson and some other ERB things..... like this postcard for them to give away at shows to promote the ERB comics!

And more and more Carson stuff..... i have been designing ships, beasts, swords, rayguns and all cool things for the strip.

Venus is a very strange world. ha!

....and this was a rejected scene as no one wanted to show a cigarette.... sigh.  Even tho Burroughs smoked and it was the 30's when just about everyone did.  oh well. i reworked it.  So no worries.  I do think people go overboard with the 'not showing' it side of history. 

....and here is a shot of our hero Carson Napier as he talks with Mr. Burroughs about his planning to go to Mars.   ooops. That didn't work out so well, did it. 

Well Loyal Legionnaires.... until next time....keep watching the skies!