Wednesday, June 24, 2015

been a very long time.........

Hello out there Loyal Legionnaires..... if anyone is left?

I have no excuses for missing postings, i always seem to have something else going.  And again mainly it has been my health.  My doctor i have had for close to a decade retired, so i had to go thru the process for finding a new one.  With a lot of my affections that is somewhat of a chore.  On top of that i had to have some surgery, minor but the recovery process has been a long one.  Other than that i am still trying to hold down my day job, and produce a page for Carson of Venus each week, skipping every fourth week as a rest period.

This is a sample, actually the 84th page in the series, getting close to the end of the Burroughs book Lost on Venus.

So once again i apologize for not updating.  I know you are tired of hearing that.  But once again Captain Spectre isn't dead until i am...... and i am far from it, i hope..........

thanks to you, Loyal Legionnaires!!!!!