Tuesday, December 23, 2014

my god it is Christmas time!!!!....

OK loyal Legionnaires.....what can i say.  Once again i have been so out of it that all this time has gone by without a new posting.  i am sorry.  The Carson strip and the day job just keep me going and i never seem to get much time to myself.  

Never fear tho, as the good Captain is never out of my mind.  He actually amazes me that he never leaves.  Other characters i have created come and go, but he never leaves.  So i looked thru some quick sketches and found this one. i repurposed it into this year's christmas post.  So i hope you enjoy it, and have a great holiday season! 

Each day brings me closer to being able to retire from the day job.  i hope i make it, as i have plans.  

But we must take each day, good or bad.  Or like in my case there are no more good days, only bad and worse.  i also know it is that way for some of my loyal Legionnaires, and i do hope we have more 'good' days than bad or worse.  We all have to stick together in this.  So again Merry Christmas, Happy New Year..... or whatever the holidays you observe.  Just be safe and well in your travels. 


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Crazy days...... normal in other words....

Again i apologize for not posting..... but it seems i am in a rut of sorts.

By day i am working three projects at the day job.  While i wait on feedback on one i work on the other ones and rotate on and on.  By night and weekends i pencil, ink and letter Carson of Venus™ for Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc., as i am sure most of you know already.  here is a sneak peek of the next Carson..... he is the 'guest' in a Venusian mansion, but thinking he is really a prisoner.  Tune in to find out at: Edgar Rice Burroughs comics. 

It is still only 1.99 a month and you get close to 12 strips a week.  The talent is growing too.  Comic greats like Roy Thomas, Chuck Dixon, Rick Leonardi, Tom Grindberg, lots of others join Martin Powell, writer of several of the strips, me, and Diana Leto on Carson Napier's story.

Ok, that is my rut....my week.... and most all of my time.  Especially now as Carson's story is moving to new lands.  We are finally getting to more 'civilized' areas of the planet. So we have new monsters, new weapons, new styles of architecture, costumes, and even vehicles on the land and in the air to design.  All that takes some time.  So give it a try sometime. Design a whole world. Grab a book and try to make it come to life. Then you will know the world i live in.  The Carson story winds through five novels....well four novels and a novella.  We are only about two-thirds thru the second book, so we have a good bit to go.  And of course with more things to design, visualize, and figure out.

Oh also working on some ideas for some game illustrations, so make that three jobs i am trying to get thru, and with my hands and rotten nervous system it is getting tough.

'til next time Loyal Legionnaires..... things are also moving forward at a snails pace on your hero and mine..... Captain Spectre - Phantom Soldier of the Skies!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

another one of those days.....

It always seems to happen. No matter what i try or do, when i get just a little bit ahead on the Carson of Venus™strip, somedays my nervous system falls apart.  I stay on my meds, i have too or it gets worse, but today my nerves took over and i have had the 'shakes' all day.  I never know from day to day when it is going to happen.  But today was one of those days when it hit with a vengeance.  I barely got the next Carson strip done and lettered and sent off.  Man i hate it.  With my eyes shaking, and hands it makes it really tough to hold a brush and pound out an inked page.  It also makes me very tired.  Think of it as trying to ink and see while being in one of those old style weight reduction machines....

.... remember those things???? well that is what today has been like.  Anyway i did finish the page for next week, and some color guides for some new people arriving in the strip.

Also we are getting to the more civilized areas of Venus in the strip, so actually working on more designs for buildings, cities, more ray guns, military uniforms, and even ground vehicles.  

Also one of the panels i previewed on Facebook got a good response from people so sneaking it here too as some readers don't do the Facebook thing.... yea you know who you are, and didn't want you guys to miss out.   it is a simple panel, but like i said got a good response from fans and even Jim at Edgar Rice Burroughs inc.  So all in all that made me happy.  

'til next time......thanks for tuning in.....i am going to go see if i can get rid of the 'shakes' ...... thanks for understanding.   

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Carson of Venus merchandise!!!

Edgar Rice Burroughs inc. has started producing tee shirts to help spread the word about all the online goodness that the strips are producing.  And of course one of the shirts is a cool Carson of Venus™ shirt.  They also have done shirts for all the other strips, from Tarzan to John Carter.... cool stuff is happening. And i expect more things to come from them.  so give them a look see at


The shirts run just a bit small, so take that with a grain of salt when ordering your size.  I have one, yes of course a Carson one, and they are great quality shirts.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

If you don't get it right the first time.....

Ok, i won't whine about being so busy and in ill health i can't update my blog... cause i always do that.  I hate to even mention anything about it.  So that is all i will say this time.

Anyway, what i wanted to talk a bit about is - if you don't get it right the first time, you might want to try again....

i got a script the other day, of course by Martin Powell - writer on Carson of Venus™, that said in one panel: Cut to a close-up of Nalte, wide-eyed with wonder.  So as the penciller/inker i have to translate that into some form of image.  Of course characters need to act in two ways. One way is thru the dialog, the spoken word or the thoughts in a caption block.  You know, caption blocks are the rectangular blocks of descriptors or thoughts in panels that help tell the story.  The other way for them to act is thru the body posture or body language of the character.  Think about that like the way actors in silent films push the limit and overact to get the point across.

In the Carson of Venus™ strip, the female character Nalte is on a quest with Carson Napier to find and rescue Duare, Carson's love in the story.  Anyway Nalte is a very strong and fiery character who has more or less fallen for Carson.  But, Carson only has eyes for Duare at first.  So i have to remember that when posing Nalte.  Thru her actions and expressions i am always trying to show a little of that forlorn love or lust.  During this current strip, Nalte watches as Carson takes on three armed zombies.  (That is right, Edgar Rice Burroughs in the 1930's was using zombies as an army of bad guys. Martin and i have dubbed them the "Zombies from Venus", cause that would make an awesome serial or film.)  So here is poor Nalte watching the man she wants showing off his prowess whooping up on these three zombies.  And she likes what she sees.  So i placed her partly in the shadows, as in the script the zombies have ignored her and ganged up on Carson.  And this was the original panel i created.

I wanted Nalte wide eyed, and i also thought that i would give her mouth that kind of 'hmmm, boy' like reaction.  This panel, well the idea was sound, didn't work out.  I tried more shadow and cross hatching, but nothing i did helped....it was crappy, and a lost cause.  The eyes didn't look right, they were also too far apart, the nose too small, and damn - just try drawing someone licking their lips and see how hard that really is to do.   i cut it out of the strip and now had a window to fill.  

So i thought i would go a bit more slutty. Pushing the acting, like in a silent movie.  So i pushed her head back, making her look thru her eyes in that over the cheek sexy look.  This also pushed the emphasis on her lips and tongue.  Which is still hard as hell to get right.  So this was the result. 

So i liked this version.  But then the more i thought about it and looked at it, the more slutty she seemed.  So i thought i would ask a couple of other people about this panel.  Well they got the same feeling i was feeling - too slutty.  And we can't have that.  So back to the drawing board.  And i was guided to more of a subtle up look with her, and this was the result...

So all you readers and fans out there - this is just a little peak into what a struggling comic artist goes thru on a daily basis.  If at first you don't succeed - go back to the drawing board !  Sometimes a drawing, a pose, some perspective, or atmosphere just doesn't work out like you want it.  So don't be afraid of that deadly tool : the eraser!!!  Sometimes you just have to start all over. And sometimes over and over...

Of course this adds to the time it takes to produce a page, a book, a story.  Some people just think it is all easy and just flows out in a few minutes.  But, there are so many processes in the production of a drawing or story.  Layout, design, posing, acting, anatomy and lighting are just a few of the things you have to try to be good at to tell your story.  

Just never give up.... keep drawing... keep drawing each day, day in and day out.  It doesn't matter if you are feeling bad, outright sick, tired, hot, cold, or depressed - you must try to draw each day.  You have to love it and crave it...... now go create something!!! 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

my god!!!! has it really been almost half a year gone by!

Well, loyal Legionnaires, i am truly sorry for not posting…but to be honest not much has changed. Health issues still abound, and the day job goes on and on, as does Carson of Venus™.

Carson is within weeks of completing the first full years run. And we should adventure on from there. We are well into the second book of the series, and we plan to get all five of them in, before we possibly move Carson Napier into new and exciting adventures on Venus. So stick around. As he is becoming more and more like Flash Gordon with all the extra women hanging around.

Also made it down to Kansas City twice this year. Once to the Kansas City PlanetComicCon. Man that show has gotten large. I sure wish i had a Captain Spectre book to sell, but i was there to try to get people to sign up for the Burroughs online strips. 

And then had a artist alley table at the Spectrum Live event there.  And got to talk with friends Mark Schultz and Greg Manchess.  Love talking with those guys if only for ten minutes. 

Well like i say every time….i will try to post more often. The strange thing is the older i get the faster time slips away!!!! Elders always told me this, but i never believed it until now.  

I have one more con in me before thinking of giving up the life of a con goer. It is just getting too expensive, and my traveling days are just about over.  But we shall see….i never know from day to day.   

thanks Loyal Legionnaires……keep the faith, one day Captain Spectre will return~~