Tuesday, December 23, 2014

my god it is Christmas time!!!!....

OK loyal Legionnaires.....what can i say.  Once again i have been so out of it that all this time has gone by without a new posting.  i am sorry.  The Carson strip and the day job just keep me going and i never seem to get much time to myself.  

Never fear tho, as the good Captain is never out of my mind.  He actually amazes me that he never leaves.  Other characters i have created come and go, but he never leaves.  So i looked thru some quick sketches and found this one. i repurposed it into this year's christmas post.  So i hope you enjoy it, and have a great holiday season! 

Each day brings me closer to being able to retire from the day job.  i hope i make it, as i have plans.  

But we must take each day, good or bad.  Or like in my case there are no more good days, only bad and worse.  i also know it is that way for some of my loyal Legionnaires, and i do hope we have more 'good' days than bad or worse.  We all have to stick together in this.  So again Merry Christmas, Happy New Year..... or whatever the holidays you observe.  Just be safe and well in your travels. 



  1. Tom, a perfect choice of art for the Holidays.

    I will be glad when the Captain can make his return, and you have more time to make it happen.
    Hopefully when you retire, the stress will be less, and the pain. I admire your will power to put out the strip, and do it so good, in spite of the pain. I see a lot of the Captain in you, and I admire both of you for doing the good fight for all of us.

    Take care, my friend, and Merry Christmas and hoping for a better new year.

    Lloyd, Loyal Legionnaire...ALWAYS!

    1. thanks so much Lloyd, Merry Christmas to you too!! yes my friend we both hope for a better year, you and i deserve it a little i think.
      thanks so much again........