Saturday, October 17, 2009

missed posting, before.

Creature of the Black Lagoon poster 
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I had posted this in the last update. But, being tired and strung out on work, I forgot to mention why I posted it.
Well at Fallcon there was a DVD dealer selling the 3D version of one of my all time favorite films. And quite possible, my favorite movie monster other than Kong.
I never was a fan of 3D movies as a kid. Something about my eyes and all, it just never really worked for me like it seemed to for other people. And I actually thought that most movies made like this just played to the 3D effect and just randomly put things in to make the audience go 'oh wow'. Like that annoying street vendor scene in 'House of Wax'.
Anyway I had never seen a showing of 'Creature' in 3D. So how could I resist? I bought one. Well now I have kind of seen it in 3D. I will stick with my 2D version thanks. Again it didn't really work for me. Oh, there were a couple of places I thought - that was neat, if it was more in focus - so once again my eyes or brain just doesn't get it. Ha.
Such a great film, and they didn't play to the 3D effects so I guess I never really never minded that it was in 3D and I never saw it.
I also bought Revenge of the Creature in 3D, just not in a big rush to see it. Maybe it was the cheap way the DVD's were made, I don't know. Because like I said, my eyes just don't get it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Return from Fallcon!

Well, I made it back from Fallcon, despite a few inches of snow and cold early in the winter season. It was a great trip. The Captain Spectre gliders were an offical hit. I liked wandering around the show watching people flying them and not keeping them in the bags. The adults eyes lit up remembering the great times they had as a kid with them. The little kids had to be shown a built one to understand that we used to assemble our toys, sometimes. It was great.
I got to chat with Jose Garcia Lopez, Michael T. Gilbert (of Mr. Monster fame), Phil Hester, Jim Keffe (the last man to draw the Flash Gordon strip), Martin Powell and Lisa, Brent Schoonover, Brandon Terrell, Ken Wind and crew, Joe Gentile from Moonstone, and all the Locals that are great.....always a great time.
I am pumped to have a book finished by next Fallcon, since I really didn't have anything for sale, I spent most of my time looking at others work, and checking out other artists....talking and having a good time. Poor Nick who runs the con, paid 500 bucks for my Superman charity piece. I couldn't believe what it went for. I had posted it earlier on the blog here. The Kong piece brought a good price too. I also had a piece that Mark Stegbaugh inked, that turned out fabulous and it sold high too. I wish I could afford to get him for more personal work. He had some great Phantom pages from Moonstone.
Of course I had work piled up on my return and a few things to do at night to get back to the regular schedule. Which I hope I can keep up with.
Tired and worn out, but back at the table trying to work.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Off to Fallcon!

Sorry not much of an update, just one letting all the Loyal Legionnaires that there won't be an update of the strip this week. I will slaving away at the table at Fallcon next to Martin Powell. I am finally looking forward to making the trip and getting set up for Saturday and Sunday.
Let me just say if you are anywhere in the area of Minneapolis-St. Paul you should go to this con!
It is an honest to goodness COMIC convention. From independent publishers, to silver-age artists it is a great con, and getting bigger every year. Every creator is treated like a king or queen as the case may be.
I am also going to be on a panel with Martin Powell, Joe Gentile from Moonstone and others. We are going to discuss the pulp era heroes and a resurgence of those heroes into comics and new prose adventures. Sounds like a great time.

Again some year I hope to see lots of Legionnaires show up at Fallcon !

Back next week, Legionnaires.