Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Return from Fallcon!

Well, I made it back from Fallcon, despite a few inches of snow and cold early in the winter season. It was a great trip. The Captain Spectre gliders were an offical hit. I liked wandering around the show watching people flying them and not keeping them in the bags. The adults eyes lit up remembering the great times they had as a kid with them. The little kids had to be shown a built one to understand that we used to assemble our toys, sometimes. It was great.
I got to chat with Jose Garcia Lopez, Michael T. Gilbert (of Mr. Monster fame), Phil Hester, Jim Keffe (the last man to draw the Flash Gordon strip), Martin Powell and Lisa, Brent Schoonover, Brandon Terrell, Ken Wind and crew, Joe Gentile from Moonstone, and all the Locals that are great.....always a great time.
I am pumped to have a book finished by next Fallcon, since I really didn't have anything for sale, I spent most of my time looking at others work, and checking out other artists....talking and having a good time. Poor Nick who runs the con, paid 500 bucks for my Superman charity piece. I couldn't believe what it went for. I had posted it earlier on the blog here. The Kong piece brought a good price too. I also had a piece that Mark Stegbaugh inked, that turned out fabulous and it sold high too. I wish I could afford to get him for more personal work. He had some great Phantom pages from Moonstone.
Of course I had work piled up on my return and a few things to do at night to get back to the regular schedule. Which I hope I can keep up with.
Tired and worn out, but back at the table trying to work.


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun, and the glides were a big hit! Yeah, I think for our generation a lot of the toys back then did involve some constructions (that involved a parent as well)--that was half the fun: Lincoln logs, Tinker toys, erector sets, electic trains, swing sets, etc.

    I used to pick up a glider as a kid and then progressed to actual model airplanes in plastic, then went on to some of those paper ones that you had to glue paper to the fuselage, wings etc. after you made up the frame with balsa wood. All of that stuff was a lot of fun back then.

    Sounds like you ran into a lot of interesting people to chat with. I wondered if you talked with Jose Garcia Lopez (Atari Force! His art was always very solid) and some of the others, but I was pretty sure you did. That's one of the reasons to go--recharge the creative battery. Good luck on getting something out by next year, I know you'll swing it. I noticed that it had been snowing up there--unbelievable! Nice weather here in Texas (hey I gotta rub it in :)

  2. Welcome back! I am glad you had a great time.

    Good news on the gliders.

    Congratulations on the sale of your art. Who wouldn't want an original Tom Floyd?

    Get some rest!

    I hope you have some gliders for us Legionnaires to buy.

  3. Glad you're back safe and sound, pal. Always great getting to actually see you again. The con was very successful for me, but I've returned to a swamped desk, too. Still that's a good problem for me to have. Looking forward to teaming up again soon!