Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Off to Fallcon!

Sorry not much of an update, just one letting all the Loyal Legionnaires that there won't be an update of the strip this week. I will slaving away at the table at Fallcon next to Martin Powell. I am finally looking forward to making the trip and getting set up for Saturday and Sunday.
Let me just say if you are anywhere in the area of Minneapolis-St. Paul you should go to this con!
It is an honest to goodness COMIC convention. From independent publishers, to silver-age artists it is a great con, and getting bigger every year. Every creator is treated like a king or queen as the case may be.
I am also going to be on a panel with Martin Powell, Joe Gentile from Moonstone and others. We are going to discuss the pulp era heroes and a resurgence of those heroes into comics and new prose adventures. Sounds like a great time.

Again some year I hope to see lots of Legionnaires show up at Fallcon !

Back next week, Legionnaires.


  1. Tom--sounds like a roaring good time, I know you'll enjoy it and pick up more fans. I remember when you spoke about comics at Odessa College many moons ago. I thought it was very interesting, and you seemed a very good speaker, knowledgable, and knew the subject well. You'd brought many comics that had cool covers like Miller's Daredevil and so forth. I'd love to hear you and Martin speak. Plus the Con being more centered on "comics" sounds cool to me. I hope it continues to grow and thrive. Reminds me of some of those ole Dallas Fantasy Fare days. Have a good time.

  2. Oh I started an announcement of the Fallcon on a comic message board just to give a heads-up about cons. Another fan noted that there's also the Baltimore Comic-Con going on there at the same time Oct. 10-11, in case someone was in that area. It looked like they were having some amazing guest as well:

  3. See you very soon Martin...

    David...hey I remember that talk at OC. ha, almost forgot about that - so long ago.
    And yea, I did see alot of other winter cons, used to be they were all in the summer, now they are a year round schedule.

  4. Are you back yet?
    Did you have fun?
    What did you bring us? LOL!