Saturday, October 17, 2009

missed posting, before.

Creature of the Black Lagoon poster 
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I had posted this in the last update. But, being tired and strung out on work, I forgot to mention why I posted it.
Well at Fallcon there was a DVD dealer selling the 3D version of one of my all time favorite films. And quite possible, my favorite movie monster other than Kong.
I never was a fan of 3D movies as a kid. Something about my eyes and all, it just never really worked for me like it seemed to for other people. And I actually thought that most movies made like this just played to the 3D effect and just randomly put things in to make the audience go 'oh wow'. Like that annoying street vendor scene in 'House of Wax'.
Anyway I had never seen a showing of 'Creature' in 3D. So how could I resist? I bought one. Well now I have kind of seen it in 3D. I will stick with my 2D version thanks. Again it didn't really work for me. Oh, there were a couple of places I thought - that was neat, if it was more in focus - so once again my eyes or brain just doesn't get it. Ha.
Such a great film, and they didn't play to the 3D effects so I guess I never really never minded that it was in 3D and I never saw it.
I also bought Revenge of the Creature in 3D, just not in a big rush to see it. Maybe it was the cheap way the DVD's were made, I don't know. Because like I said, my eyes just don't get it.


  1. Tom,It is a shame you can't watch them in 3-D. Did watch it in TV or PC? I watch my 3-D movies on my PC and no problem seeing them, but always have problem on TV.

    I haven't seen The Creature in 3-D yet, but I will. He is my favorite Universal monster. I have seen years ago photos from the movie,colorized on a computer, he looks so much scarier.

  2. Hey Loyal Legionnaire, thanks for the tip, I will try that. Only I am pretty sure these are just rip off from a master so something is wrong I think.

    Again he is my favorite Universal monster too, he had a special tie to Lovecraft it seemed to me. Even in the set in the cave you can see pillars and stuff from a lost civilization for just a few frames, and that always got me going too.

    They just don't make 'em like they used they.

  3. Some years ago I went to the old Darress Theater in Boonton NJ for a friday night matinee.

    The Darress is one of the last reverse theaters left in America, the kind where you enter from underneath the screen.

    That night we had live music, saw a few cartoons, an episode of Voyage Beneath the Sea, and Creature From the Black Lagoon in 3-D, it was the most fun I've had in a long time.

    I still have the glasses around here somewhere.

  4. Marrock--that sounds like a classic theater and a heck of a good time. I wasn't never a huge fan of the Creature (preferring Frank, Drac, Wolfman or Mummy), though I know a lot other fans of the fish man. Plus he'd have to be pretty popular as I think there were two sequels as well. So many great old horror movies, though. I watched one that I hadn't seen in a while called Young Frankenstein. Sort of a comedy/horror spoof I guess, but Mel Brooks has never been better I don't think.

    After that it was getting late, but not quite ready to nod off I was channel surfing and ran into what seemed to be an odd knockoff of the Creature movie, called Zaat. Boy, talk about a horrible knockoff. Funny though, even a bad monster movie can be ok, in the right frame of mine ;0

    Currently reading the Ed Brubaker Captain American run from a few years back that lead up to his death. Man, those kickass.