Saturday, November 7, 2009

Deer season opens!

Well the title to this post might be misleading. I mean it as a little joke since Friday night on the way home, to start a working vacation to get caught up on a few things, I broadsided a huge buck! I counted seven points with two or more broken off by the weapon of choice - My TRUCK.
The entire front end of the truck is crushed and destroyed. Thank goodness for seat beats and air bags, because I didn't even have time to blink. The buck came out of an approaching vehicles headlines as he bolted across the highway. I hit him full force and he flew to the other side of the highway as I slid into a ditch right in front of a cemetary. Sliding because the fenders were wrapped into one of my tires and I couldn't stear. Ha. The grim reaper missed me again.
So sore, in one piece, and without a vehicle I start my vacation with a bang!!!


  1. Close call, near a cemetary? Wow, that is a close call. I'm glad you weren't hurt physically though. Seven horns is a big buck (hope you got some meat and the horns, might as well get something out of the ordeal). I hope you had insurance. I have a friend that's a hunter and he has some sort of a whistle device that he attaches to the front end of his vehicle (it operates on the wind as you drive down the road), it's a small, barely noticable thing that makes a whistle noise that is supposed to alarm deer and make them run away, you might look for something like that for the future to put on your vehicle. There might be other such devices as well, you'll have to check for them at some sporting good store. Enjoy the vacation, it started out like gangbusters.

  2. My friend, you're starting to carry this "Living on Borrowed Time" thing a bit too far.

    Thank goodness you're all right!

  3. So... free venison?

    Glad to hear you're ok.

  4. Tom, I am glad you are alright!

    I bet the deer didn't have insurance, as he was at fault, pulling out in front of you.

    I hit a doe before, and it wiped out the front of my pickup, so I know what it can do to your nerves and truck. Every time I see a deer standing on the side of the road, panic attack!

  5. Thank all that is holy that you are all right. In Keltic Mythology & oddly enough in German & in Hun/Magyar Mythology a Roedeer stag of seven-tines was a symbol of the Gods - Herne, Kernunnos, Tautates, Tangra, Veles etc. (Attila's father followed a white one west & started a bit of a munger after all) Plus it was near a cemetery in what all 3 of those cultures considered the Holy week of the ancestors - culminating in the "Night of the Heroes" (Einherjarnacht) which comes on the 11th rather than the 1st due to the whole Justinian to Gregorian Calender correction thing. Considering what we both went through almost 40 years ago the powers that be are trying to tell you something? I suggest you take a little time to remember & listen. I for one, shall raise a horn of mead in your honor.

    As to eating the meat, don't you probably busted the musk glands & internals - makes for some awfully foul meat.