Sunday, August 17, 2014

another one of those days.....

It always seems to happen. No matter what i try or do, when i get just a little bit ahead on the Carson of Venus™strip, somedays my nervous system falls apart.  I stay on my meds, i have too or it gets worse, but today my nerves took over and i have had the 'shakes' all day.  I never know from day to day when it is going to happen.  But today was one of those days when it hit with a vengeance.  I barely got the next Carson strip done and lettered and sent off.  Man i hate it.  With my eyes shaking, and hands it makes it really tough to hold a brush and pound out an inked page.  It also makes me very tired.  Think of it as trying to ink and see while being in one of those old style weight reduction machines....

.... remember those things???? well that is what today has been like.  Anyway i did finish the page for next week, and some color guides for some new people arriving in the strip.

Also we are getting to the more civilized areas of Venus in the strip, so actually working on more designs for buildings, cities, more ray guns, military uniforms, and even ground vehicles.  

Also one of the panels i previewed on Facebook got a good response from people so sneaking it here too as some readers don't do the Facebook thing.... yea you know who you are, and didn't want you guys to miss out.   it is a simple panel, but like i said got a good response from fans and even Jim at Edgar Rice Burroughs inc.  So all in all that made me happy.  

'til next time......thanks for tuning in.....i am going to go see if i can get rid of the 'shakes' ...... thanks for understanding.   


  1. Tom,

    I knew you were have a rough time with your health, but, I didn't know it was that bad. I'm sorry to hear this. I greatly admire you to be able to do the strip with all that you have to deal with.

    I am once again thrilled to see new art pieces from you, really makes my day! Just awesome!
    I really am looking forward to seeing the move to more civilized areas of Venus. I want to see more of the planet. You said ray guns? I am a fan of ray guns.

    I'm glad to see the Facebook art, since I don't do Facebook. I'm glad to see more posting, I have been getting depressed not seeing more, now I am happy.:)

    I hope you can get rid of the shakes, no thanks to modern medicine.:(

    Take care, my friend!

    Lloyd, Loyal Legionnaire, ALWAYS!

  2. many thanks to you Loyal Legionnaire Lloyd!!!! i can always count on you to be in my corner, fighting with me and the Captain! i do appreciate your kind words and friendship. thank you so much. i will try to keep posting things as they develop....and yes some ray guns to come, vehicles and architecture abounds very soon in the Carson strip. thanks again so much.