Friday, February 20, 2009

What If....?

In the heyday of going to the saturday movies, you used to get to see trailers, cartoons, a serial, sometimes a 'b' western, and then the feature. I just got in on the tail end of that era. But it was shear magic. In the small west texas town I was raised in, the Rose theatre had the Gandy's milk saturday movie. You could get in for, I think, a nickle and a Gandy's milk carton top. I remember going into the movies in the early morning and not getting out until late in the afternoon. What a wonderful experience. Especially since we lived 30 miles even from that little town. It was a special treat to get to go to the movies. Of course there was always TV, but with only getting two stations things were limited.
Remembering times like this and of course my love of serials, pulp, and cartoons (or animation) I am wondering why wasn't there a 'cartoon serial'? Maybe a five minute chapter a week that went on for maybe ten weeks - then the studio could string it together and have close to a 50 minute animated feature. Hell most 'b' westerns were only 50 minutes.
Something for Captain Spectre to look into.


  1. An intriguing idea, for certain.

  2. Yes, it's odd how things used to be. Nowadays kids have things specifically designed with them in mind. Back then, most things were geared toward the adults. Still I wouldn't trade off any of my growing up ;)

    I watched a neat anime this past weekend, called Steamboy. I enjoyed the time being in Victorian times. It's well produced and I think they are finally getting down how to do the voices better to fit the characters. My only criticism is that I had the subtitles on as I listened to the English (actually they were Brit accents) version and the text didn't mesh exactly with what they were saying, but I got the gist of it. Neat cartoon.