Thursday, July 30, 2009

New books to make your eyes bleed!!!

Flesk Publications strikes again! I just picked up these two wonderful books at my local comic shop, Trade-a-Tape in Lincoln, this wednesday. The skill of Al Williamson and Mark Schultz will hold me for a long time. I plan on looking at these books and their wonderful art til my eyes bleed! ha. Seriously tho I don't think you can do any better than these two masters of the craft. Williamson's detail in his Flash Gordon comics is totally amazing. This book along with Marks sketchbooks hold a prize place on my studio bookself. I will be studying these masterpieces for a long time. I bought the first three of the Schultz sketchbooks at a con we both appeared at. We talked and I was in awe of the man. What a talent these two people were to our art. I will be along time before we find anyone to match these two. I am in awe, and I have my magnifying glass out and enjoying every minute of it.

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