Saturday, December 19, 2009

I miss Christmas...

I am posting this rough drawing at both and the Captain Spectre site. I actually have a new page done, but thought I would do something for Christmas. Mainly because I miss Christmas. That may sound a bit funny, but it is true. I miss the feeling of Christmas. Anymore it just seems a strange time to me. I don't know what to get my kids or grandkids for the holiday. I wish I could find the Christmas spirit. I lost it along time ago and it has never returned. I wish I could find those Christmas times like I had as a kid. Those feelings were so strong. And I don't mean the presents and all that. I just mean the feelings of the holidays. Now I just use the time off to do work...of course it is work I want to do. Creative work. It is so odd too, because I don't even know the feelings that I am wanting back. They are beyond description...I can't put my finger on it but, I would know them when I felt them. Christmas around my Mom's house was a magical time. Time actually slowed down prior to Christmas, then shot by like a rocket starting the morning of Christmas. Maybe it was because returning to my Mom's house was 'going home'. Maybe it was all the food that she prepared, or seeing friends I hadn't seen in along time. I remember the feelings I got when I got a present for someone and it was something they wanted or needed. I was never good at finding presents for people, but sometimes you get lucky. I don't get lucky anymore. So I just usually get gift cards or money for the people I buy for. That seems to cover all bases, but misses the feeling. But then again I am back to the fact I don't have the feeling anymore.
Anyway, I hope you people out there have a little bit of those feelings left so you can have a great Christmas and a great New Year. I guess that is why I did this little drawing today....trying to find the Christmas spirit in my pencil....cause I have looked everywhere else and can't find it.
Merry Christmas to all my Loyal Legionnaires out there......I do hope you have a great Christmas!!


  1. I know how you feel. But, as I get closer to Christmas day, and seeing the lights, I feel better. I love the lights at Christmas.
    I had a job that was draining me, and felt beat down. It was at Christmas time, and driving, seeing all of the lights at all of the houses really boasted my spirits.It ain't a cure but it helps, so give it a try.

    Thanks for the gift of the Captain, the gift that keeps giving!

    So, Have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, my friend!

  2. Tom,

    Really liked the picture. I like the way you alternate between the for adults and for the kids tone in your work.

    Hope you find the Christmas spirit this year.

  3. Merry Christmas, bub. Christmas and holidays helps if you can share it with either family or friends. I was just happy to get away from work these days, that was one of the bigger gifts for me as I got older.

    I'm done here at Plano, Tx now visiting with the brother. I just read an interesting article on Jesse Marsh who was a comic artist that drew Tarzan and a couple of John Carter on Mars comics for Dell/Western publishing, and some Gene Autry. He was an obsure (to me) contemporary to Alex Toth and worked back in the 50's/60's. I admire his art as it has a simple line and brush stroke to the inking. At any rate it's fairly unemblished without zipatone and such. I guess it's simple things as this that make me think of my childhood and past Christmas. At any rate his association to Burroughs made me think of you as well. Don't shoot your eye out with that Red Rider B B gun.

  4. By the way, nice Christmas pic of Cap. and faithful companion.