Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dead Air!!!

It is a miracle update! With all I have going on it took me two weeks to get this thing done. Whew. The cliffhangers are piling up in this chapter finale! One more to go....hopefully I can get the next one done in a week or two.
I hate to think of not trying to update the Captain Spectre online strip. But again, I am amazed that everyone voted to have a Captain Spectre comic in their hands. So with the final cliffhanger of this chapter that is one of the many projects I have to work on and look forward too.
As before, KiGor for Moonstone, the cover to the new edition of ERB's the Mucker, and the Captain Spectre stand alone book are my projects as the online strip takes a bit of a break.
Enjoy Legionnaires. More surprizes are coming.


  1. The end of Captain Spectre! I knew it had to end sometime. Goodbye! He was my hero, but now....

  2. Loyal Legionnaire Lloyd, don't worry there are a couple of more updates before the end of this chapter.
    I like piling on the cliffhangers. ha.

    Thanks Martin....I do appreciate it, as always.

  3. Any chance that thing the Captain is strapped to is just some overly complicated parachute/self-deploying airbag combination...?

  4. Hey, that is a good one, Marrock.....doesn't make for an exciting cliffhanger tho.....hmmmm never thought of a device like that. I was more in WarMasters head when I thought of it. But tune in we shall see what it is, Loyal Legionnaires!