Saturday, March 13, 2010

...and so it begins....

As the title says, it begins. And sometimes you just have to clear your stuff out - of your studio and in turn clears out the mind. As I begin the actual production on the Mucker cover painting today, I determined it was time to clear out the studio a little bit. Mainly so I would have room to work. So as a first item of business I thought I might take some shots of the 'studio' area in it's maddening state.
Most of the work goes on here at the drawing board. It is kind of an over all mess all the time. Ten minutes after I clean it and get to work it mostly looks like this at any given time.This is the view from the drawing board, that is'Tarzan finds a Mate' on the tube. I grew up as a TV kid, and it hasn't ever stopped. I don't listen to music, I listen to dialog, stories, and when I look up from the board I like having something visual to focus on. Most of the time you can catch a dvd of an old movie, or serial if Turner Classic Movies has nothing good on.
I have a bookshelf on one side containing all the Raymond and Caniff stuff I can find and afford.
Also by the computer you can see some of my inspirational toys.
And of course the manager of the studio laying on the floor under the drawing board table, Chopper himself. At the moment probably contemplating a new marketing plan for Captain Spectre, or maybe just what is going to be for lunch.
Also there are always some rare finds, and good memories....the Snowman is the villain of the Christmas Spider story that Martin Powell and I did for Moonstone some years ago. This was the first go around on the concept. He ended up being a disfigured person, but I liked the original costume. Finding it today, I just had to scan and post it. One of the many rare finds in my piles of drawings today.


  1. It's good to know someone else has a studio as messy as mine. It was interesting looking at your set up! NICE Imac!

  2. I think that's a pretty nifty place you got there, pal. Also, you've made me want to watch TARZAN AND HIS MATE again.


  3. Tom,the inking on that Snowman is incredible!