Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another great one journeys on....

Just a few quick thoughts before the work day begins....I am sure the news is all over the internet, and I probably won't add anything to all the thoughts out there. But I just wanted to pay my respects.
With the passing of Fess Parker the other day, I was again reminded of what great actors we had to view growing up. Not like the actors today that seem to be all cast from the same mold. No actors seem to stand out, not the way they used to with trademark styles and voices.
Robert Culp was one of the greats. I always enjoyed anything he was in. He had style. I think I first noticed him in shows like the Rifleman. He played parts on alot of tv shows from that time. He then played a texas ranger in Hoby Gilman, which was a show I really liked as a kid. Then he caught the spy bug and was in "I Spy". I always thought he might play a good Nick Fury Agent of Shield. Think about it a bit.
Anyway I even liked the comedy of the Greatest American Hero where he played a dog biscuit eating FBI agent. But to me he will always be best known as 'trent' in the Outer Limits episode 'Demon with a Glass Hand'. That episode really opened my eyes to alot of things.
A couple of years ago a friend of mine was at the San Diego con and saw Robert Culp there, and got me an autographed pic of Robert Culp as Trent. That pic means alot to me even more now.
Thanks Robert for your acting and the many parts you was a real joy.


  1. You are so right about today's "actors". Actors like Fess and Robert, when you heard their name,you knew you were for a real show. As for Nick Fury, you are right, he was right for the part, but so sad we never saw it.

    Today the real actors are special effects, not people. So sad indeed.I miss the old days, actors were actors, and actresses were actresses, not pretty boys and girls.

  2. Demon With the Glass Hand, yesssss. I loved those old Outer Limits, and I'd add also, Architects of Fear with Culp--wherein he's transformed into an Alien menace. I'd have to agree with a friend, that Architects is a precursor influence to the ending of Alan Moore's Watchmen book.

    I'd agree you, a lot of the actors today seem weak, particularly there's a lot of sons & daughters that got into the biz because their parents were in the biz, sort of industry inbreeding type thing (which is nothing new, really). That said though, there are still modern actors I can identify with & expect to see in good roles: Russell Crowe, Edward Norton, Steve Buscemi, Philp Hoffman, heck even Tobey McQuire carries a role pretty well and has been an some pretty diverse films. I'm sure there are others.

    I think a lot of the modern male actors do look a bit too pretty and thin for a very masculine role or if they got into a scrap, they'd loose. I guess it all depends on the actor and role.