Saturday, March 20, 2010

Long day at the office.....

Well it was a long day at the 'office'. I started finishing the inks this morning about seven. It is now after 8 at night and I am starting to see cross-eyed. ha. I finished the inks and started on the painting. As you can see the painting has a very long way to go. It is a very slow process for sure. But, I think I have an ok start on things. I wanted an inked version of the piece before moving on to the painted version. I think I am also going to actually ink the pencilled piece sometime before the con. But there is time for that later on. I do need something physical to sell. Anyway I have found out I am as horrible of a painter as I always was. But thought I would let everyone in on the progress I made today. The inks were about a third of the way done as I started this morning.
So now I think I will find some supper, and a good video to watch.
Maybe I will put in the Davy Crockett Disney series, since we lost Fess Parker the other day. It was sad news to me. I never missed a showing of that series on the Disney show. Ha, the wonderful world of color on a black and white TV.


  1. Well, I for one (and I know there are many more) have always been a fan of your pulp paintings. I particularly love your choice of colors. That goes for the early stages of this piece, too. I think it's very striking.

    As an aside, regarding Fess Parker...I watched the Davy Crockett shows late into the night when he passed away. Hadn't seen them in awhile and they're still so much fun. I never missed Davy Crockett (or The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh, another all-time favorite) whenever these were shown on TV. I actually watched Disney's Wonderful World of Color on a b/w set, too, and that never diminished my enjoyment.

  2. I think the colors make it pop. You work damn hard at your art, bub. I wish I could be as focused.

  3. Tom it looks GREAT in color!

    And thanks for the paper! I owe you big-time.