Saturday, March 6, 2010

Loose ends....

I was doing some stray scanning this morning of drawings done earlier. So thought I would post a couple of Jacqueline "Jack" O'Brien from the Captain Spectre strip. I have had trouble getting the right feel for this character. Probably because I don't draw very pretty women. ha. I always wanted Jack to have kind of a exotic quality without having her be totally helpless. After all she is a damn good pilot, an adventuress, with sort of a shady past. Anyway I think I was getting a bit closer with these drawings. Actually the 'dressed up' version was a warm up drawing I did that just developed into Jack. I know lately the strip hasn't had too many appearances of the other characters, and I kind of miss them. As always I just wish I could do nothing but Captain Spectre strips so I could use all the ideas I have for the characters. Anyway in the place of an update this week, which I will explain in another post this weekend, enjoy Miss O'Brien.


  1. Beautiful. I must respectfully disagree with you, pal. I've always thought that you drew extraordinarily gorgeous women. "Jack" is proof of this, and she has always been one of my favorites.

  2. The middle dressed-up look is nice, as are the other drawings. I'll need to reread the strips you've made as when you do these updates and such, I want to see how they fit in the stories.

  3. Tom, you have captured both sides of Jack,exotic and adventurous. I know you draw very pretty women, my heart skipped a beat seeing Jack in her gown!

    I hope you can get back to including the other characters like Jack in your strip, someday.