Sunday, March 21, 2010

Progress report....the Mucker

Well it almost 4:30 Sunday afternoon. I am about 22 hours into the paint of this. I think it is time for a little break. Plus I need to cook some food, do a bit more laundry and get ready for another exciting monday at the day job.....yuck.
I smoothed up some areas, still needs some work, and actually have some paint in all the areas where paint goes. Hopefully it is coming along. I sure wish I was a better painter. I still prefer colored line art like a comic. Just something about it full fills all I like about images. I never was much of a painter. But for what it is worth I think the gun belt is ok. ha.


  1. I think it is shaping up very nicely!

    You might not care for your painting, but I do. I just love seeing your work.

  2. Thanks Lloyd, it is nice to know people enjoy my work. Thanks Legionnaire!