Sunday, June 27, 2010

in the works....

Well Loyal Legionnaires, here are a couple of things I am working on....Prints for the Burroughs Dum-Dum in Chicago this year. As I am sure you know if you tune in often, I will be one of the guests this year. One problem with that is, as most of you know, I did the cover to the Mucker digitally. So hence, no painting to sell to make any money. Not that I am trying to make a killing with my art. It isn't about that as you well know, if you know me. So the object is to produce something that will get some of my art out there in the public a bit more. Which sometimes is the object of this game of art.
So I thought I would produce some posters/prints of two of my Burroughs pieces. One the Mucker cover I produced for the Dum-Dum (in the tarzan books the council of the apes), and the other a Tarzan piece I produced in black and white, colored for the print. I originally produced the Tarzan piece, thinking it was going into an all Burroughs sketchbook to sell at the con. I may still do that too, but at this point probably all I will have time to get printed is the prints.
In July I am going to texas to see my eldest son's family, and attend my 40 th high school reunion. I don't want to think about all those years. ha. So that will take some production time away from me.
One thing with the designed white space on these I can do sketches to make them feel special since they are printed.
But, Loyal Legionnaires don't despair, I am also currently working on the script to issue on of the pulp action Captain Spectre comic. I also already have an outline for the third issue - the sword and planet story, but believe me when I say that story will be the pinnacle of my storytelling. It is the story I was born to tell. I feel that strongly about it.
I just can't wait to get to that third one, so that helps with producing the first two stories. As per the poll from the site here, the first one will be a slam bang action piece, the second a world war 2 story, which is in the works also....and the third one, a sword and planet piece that will establish Captain Spectre as the Phantom Soldier from the Skies!!! I am so proud of it I will sneak the working title to you, my Loyal Legionnaires. It is called "the Men Who Lost Yesterday". So stay tuned Legionnaires, it may be awhile to produce these, but by hook or crook I will do it. I live for this.
Oh, and also if anyone is interested in these prints, I will have some extras to sell thru the site, just let me know. Then I can add the numbers to my print run. thanks.....


  1. Beautiful pieces of art, pal. That Tarzan is one of the finest I've seen from you. Amazing.

    Oh, and...Happy Birthday!

    PS: Too bad you're not headed for Minnesota this October. Lisa and I learned tonight that our favorite movie theater will be showing THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN, THE INVISIBLE MAN, FORBIDDEN PLANET and...KING KONG (yup, the one, the only, the great 1933 original)on the big screen with restored prints!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! You always do stunning work! I really like the details in the background of the Tarzan piece.

    Happy Birthday, and hoping for many more, my friend!

  3. Nice Tarzan piece with that lost city behind him. Happy Birthday. Have fun down in Texas, if you happen to be in East Texas give me a ring. The Big O hasn't changed that much, although UTPB keeps on growing. I too miss the big skies sometimes.

  4. I just found Captain Spectre (thanks to the dieselpunk website). All I can say is WOW! Amazing! You've made this gal happy. Can't wait for the stand alone book.

    Just ordered my Lightning Legion patch and coin too!

  5. thanks, I will probably have many prints left after the Burroughs con, so I will post it here if you would like one of them. Thanks.