Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dancing is hard to do....

....but drawing it is even harder.
I know this isn't right, but it is a start. I don't think I have ever drawn two people slow dancing before. It is tough for sure. But with resizing pages and lettering for the second issue of the Phantom today....and six hours of mowing and yardwork, the day has been a tough one. So I settled in for a little bit of sketch time before more page sizing. And officially I guess this could be classified as a sneak peek to the first issue. Captain Spectre out on the town with some lucky lady.....or is she really lucky? We shall see.
I also feel compelled to update here more often with whatever I have, since the strip isn't being updated. I feel guilty about all of that. Just too many irons in the back to work for me.


  1. I think that's a charming shot of the Captain and his date. Very cool.

  2. I like! And, since it is a Captain update, even better!

  3. Six hours of mowing, and can still sketch? I think you're hitting it out of the ballpark. Nice sketch.

  4. OK you said you didn't think the picture was quite right and everyone else has been complementary so I'll take a shot (reflexively ducking Captain Spectre's lighting fists).

    While individually I like each figure, together they don't convey to me a sense of union in motion. They seem like they are standing still rather than moving together. I don't get the sense of figures in motion that your other art conveys. I don't know that I can articulate it better and maybe that is just me, as always YMMV.

  5. Thanks everyone, as always for looking in and posting.

    Thanks Martin....I do appreciate it....

    Thanks Lloyd.....more Captain updates coming soon...

    El Vox.....yea, there is a big price to pay for being a recluse....ha.....thanks....

    Socrates.....exactly the way I felt....sometimes I have to draw the basics, like this piece, then the 'acting' of the characters comes as I get used to where all the parts should be....thanks alot.