Wednesday, November 3, 2010

educational comics....

Well I am deep into working on an educational comic at work. I have worked on a couple of these for this project over the last couple of years. This new one is kind of a sci fi take on a virus story. Actually with tinges of an old EC comics story thrown in for good measure. Of course it is only ten pages long, but since I am doing it all - except the writing, it is going to take awhile. The story was originally written by Martin Powell, but then savaged by political correctness and scientists that have no imagination. So we are lucky it even has a bit of story left tucked in behind the science.
I am just posting this too keep you loyal Legionnaires up on what is happening. Of course this is the day job. So not to worry things are still progressing on the first issue of Captain Spectre, and working toward pages on the KiGor story too. I know this is taking ages, but I am slow and old - so bare with me in my old age, please. I will post some prelims of things to the Captain Spectre book in a day or two.
So stay tuned Legionnaires. Thanks.


  1. Hey thanks. I like that cover! Somehow reminds me of some of Archie Goodwin's work.

  2. Who are these comics made for? Nice cover.

  3. Great looking cover!

    It is a shame to savage the story, education if learned from a story, is better than just the facts, less boring.

    Tom, take your time, I like these unexpected treasures from time to time. I don't want a flood, it then wouldn't be so much fun to see.

  4. Great looking art, as always. Although, I shudder to imagine what they've done to my story. Maybe I'll just look at the pretty pictures when it's done and try to pretend it was written by someone else.