Sunday, December 12, 2010

I apologize for the lack of updates lately.....sorry.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Things are just nuts right now. With so many things going on. Then the holiday season is always a trying time for me. How to spread what little money I have between my two sons and their families. It is more of a depression with me. Hell, my two sons are way better heads of families than I ever was. They are more successful with it all. I am very proud of them. Of course I consider myself the prime example of what NOT to be or do.

Also with the cold weather the arthritis is worse. I am going to move up the food chain of doctors, mine is sending me off to a specialist.....oh boy is that probably going to turn out bad. Well I guess my doctor is right, I shouldn't rely on just pain meds for it all. I just don't think they understand tho.....I will not let them cut on my hand....hell, took 57 years just to draw as bad as I do.....I don't want to relearn it all over again.

Anyway enough of my depression......above is the cover for the HIV comic I am working on. This thing has a tight deadline and is keeping my very busy. I am finding a bit of time to continue work on the KiGor short story. And of course time to work on the story for the Captain Spectre first issue.

I really want the first issue of Captain Spectre to make a hit. So I am working extra hard on the story. I hope everyone will be happy with it.

Again sorry for the lack of updates, I will try harder to keep everyone in the loop. Thanks for tuning in all you Loyal Legionnaires!


  1. If your sons are doing well, be happy for them, and continue to stay in touch with them--you are a good dad. My own dad had crippling arthritis. He had three middle fingers that curved up claw-like. He eventually had them cut on, and it helped some, but not a 100% recovery, in fact I think it was more like 50%. I don't know how much that ever bother him, he wouldn't complain much and seemed to keep negative thoughts away from us kids. I think you've got the right idea, see a specialist first, emphasize your hands are the tools of your craft, and seek other sources than pain meds, if possible, tough I know.

    Neat cover, reminds me so some of those from the Valiant era of comics. Did you do some of the inside art as well? Merry Christmas man.

  2. I agree with El Vox. If you can raise your kids right so they can raise their kids, then you've done well.

    don't worry about the legionnaires, just take care of your self :)


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  4. BTW, my various relatievs with arthritis often got a lot of relief from paraffin baths: something like this:

  5. Tom, if you were as bad as you say, I would never have been a fan of yours. You are awesome, and don't forget it!

    As for your Arthritis, I hope you can get help, and I agree about not cutting on you.

    I think I heard about an experimental Bionic surgery for hands. Drawing at 55 mph, more time to sleep and eat. LOL

    I will always be a Loyal Legionnaire!


  6. Many profound thanks to you all. I do appreciate your understanding in all this.

    You know, a good friend gave me one of those wax only problem with wraps, or lotions or the wax thing is I can't draw with all that stuff on my hand.

    Yea, and my hand is starting to do the John Carradine thing....folding in on itself.

    Again thanks to all you Loyal Legionnaires. Thank you very much.

  7. As others have said, if your sons are successful adults you have done your job as a father. As an artist, I'm sure it is easy to look back at your life and see those aspects that you would like to redraw.

    Remember, fatherhood is not just about the material. I'm sure your sons have learned a lot from your spirit, hardwork, creativity, and imagination.