Saturday, January 15, 2011

Legionnaire Roundup and happenings...

Here at Lightning Legion Secret HQ on Saturday morning while waiting for the pain meds to kick in so I can get some work done, I thought I would post an update from the drawing table.
First off, above you will see the project cover to the science comics I have been working on lately at the day job. See there that 'Action Science' tag line isn't a bunch of whooie, I actually have been doing science comics. This piece contains one of the 'virus' characters from each of the stories that Martin Powell has written.
Below that is a concept for a lady character. I started this as just a warm up drawing earlier in the week. You know one of those throw away kind of drawings to get the joints working and the brain cob webs cleared out. Well then it evolved into an idea for a character with kind of a pun for a name. 'Liberty Girl' is what I wanted to call her, but then realized someone already used that name. I don't know if they named their character because of the term or what. You see a 'Liberty Girl' during WW2 was kind of a bar-fly/hooker/gold digger type that hung around the army/navy bases and tried to hook up with soldiers or sailors. Anyway once I remembered that name was taken, the idea kind of fell apart. I can just use the costume idea for another character or something.
One thing I would like to mention is I like more functional looking women's costumes. Oh don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with sexy outfits....they just have to be used at the right time and on the right person. Maybe this could be another outfit for Jack since she is mostly all business when she flies her plane. But, probably at a later date, this looks more 40's to me. More like a WW2 pilot or WASP type flying outfit.
Then as always I pound away in the spare time, what little I have, to move forward on the ever present KiGor 11 page story. So here is a progress shot of page 6. And yes someday I will get this little story done.
And with all of that, I am still working on the layouts for Captain Spectre's first issue. Which I am afraid is turning into a larger story than I thought it would. After all there are no limits when I do it all myself.
Thanks for tuning in for your Legionnaire update all you Loyal members.....


  1. These all look really good. That top one is a great cover.

  2. Very much like the woman's costume. One that even I could wear! I would suggest Liberty Lass but that's taken too. Defense Doll? :)