Sunday, February 20, 2011

...and so it begins.

Believe me I have said it all to myself....about damn time, time to get to work, get off my butt and do some work, just do it, and most anything else you can think of to get me going.
Sure I have to tighten up the script, iron a few more things out along the way, but the good news has begun.
What you see here is the first pencilled page of a very short intro to the world of Captain Spectre. I decided to add this to the first of the book for people who aren't used to the story, or even comics in general.
I recently listed to a couple of podcasts about comics from part time or non-comics readers. One of the more interesting things about it all are a couple of questions us regular comic readers take for standard practice. Like the big question, who are all these people I am seeing and where did all the stuff come from?
As comics, I feel, need to spread out since we don't seem to be getting new readers just mainly comic readers trying something different. I thought I would add a intro bit for people who haven't see the on line strip, I can always point them there with something in the book, or in person if they buy a copy. Also this sets the stage for the era and feeling of the book, rather than people thinking it is a modern day book and helps get them in the mood for what they are about to see and read. At least I hope it is a good idea. I will post all of this intro online as I get the pages done and we can talk about the idea and if it works or not.
It does add some pages, but this first one is gonna be a whooper anyway. I really don't have a official page count yet as I am still working out some layout problems and storytelling things. I want this book to be as clear as possible to readers and non-comic readers alike.
So stick with me Loyal Legionnaires, it is going to be a long slow road getting this book finished, but I am hoping it will be worth it in the long run.
I will post as much as I feel I can to not give away too much, but since this is mostly what I am working on from here on out, after the day job of course, then I feel I have to post somethings.
thanks.......and away we go!!!!!!


  1. Fantastic! We all need Captain Spectre!

  2. Tom, you have just taken the first and most important step... starting page one. Congrats!

    I'm trying to do exactly what you're doing, but with my own character The Jackaroo (including my ol' Red Kelso characters). It's a great inspiration to see other artists just buckling down and doing it in these tough times.

    I'm behind you all the way.

  3. This is exciting, to see the first page of the long awaited comic. It is worth the wait!

    Thanks for the tease.

    Lloyd, Loyal Legionnaire

  4. Thanks so much. It kind of did mean alot to me to finally get something down in stone and get going.

    Thanks be honest I need Captain Spectre too or would be going nuts.

    Gary...oh man, I hope you get going on Red Kelso, I sure have missed him. Thanks so much.

    Lloyd...thanks for being so loyal, as always, thanks

  5. Damn nice art work, and I really like how you have that sense of family as well as the era in it.

  6. TOM!

    Great drawing. I was checking out your warm up sketch post and looked again at this one. Man this one is great. I hope you scanned it in at high res, this should be a nice promo poster. If you have it in a large file send it to me and I'll create the poster and print some out!