Monday, March 21, 2011

A blast from the past!

I spent part of the day digging thru old storage boxes for art from years ago in search of a series of litho prints I did ages ago. I was amazed at some of the stuff I found, also saddened by some of it as when I did some of my more fine art stuff it was a tough time in my life. But also found some things that brought back some ideas and characters and also stories. The top one is one of the series of lithos I did about the war. The dog was not amused at all the time I spent digging thru the boxes, since I wasn't attending to him, so he just said to hell with it and went to sleep. Also found some old stories. This one was going to be Lone Star's breakout story. I never finished it so it didn't get published before Elite Comics fell. This story was going to be a turning point in my art and life, sad to think of sometimes. Maybe I will revisit it some time. Lone Star was my favorite character I created, until I created Captain Spectre.


  1. The first piece, is very hauntingly sad to view, very powerful.

    Dogs can be very demanding for attention, he will get over it, maybe. LOL

    Lone Star is new to me, and it is a shame you could not get his story published. Then again, we might not have had our hero Captain Spectre now, if Lone Star was successful. Fate? Maybe he could make an appearance in Captain Spectre.

    Great art as usual!

    Lloyd, Loyal Legionnaire

  2. Just catching up on Tom and the Captain after traveling.

    Nice work. Thanks for sharing. I agree with Lloyd regarding "The Burden." There is definitely something powerful that comes through from your experiences.

  3. Neat Lone Star, great character. I like how he's bursting thru the window like that. I thought the western hero in Cap. Spectre might be the re-incarnated Lone Star. Sad about Elite, they'll be missed.

  4. Thanks, again all for your interest and for looking in. I do appreciate it as always.

    Lone Star is one of the old Elite comics characters from the 80's but DirtyStreets was going to be his first starring role. Maybe someday we will see him again, since it seems old characters seem to live in my mind for a long time.

    Socrates, glad you made it home safe.

    Again thanks to all.