Saturday, May 14, 2011

finished pencils for page 6 of Solo Flight

That panel from last week was just the top of this page. Here are the finished pencils for the whole page. On this page we see some of the fates of two criminals in our story. 'Solo Flight' is kind of a story about what happens to different breeds of criminals. Again I don't like giving away too much of a spoiler, but again I will say this book is pretty much all I am working on lately - other than the day job stuff, and that isn't any fun. 
I wanted to make sure I got this post up and running, even if it is a bit early on the weekend. I have a few outside chores to tackle and with a chance of rain tomorrow I figured I better finish this up this morning and post it. Then after chores hopefully I will have time for some more pencils. 
This is kind of an in and out page....Captain Spectre rockets into the page in the first panel and flies out in the last panel, of course with an added payload. And I am sure all you Loyal Legionnaires can tell what is going to happen to the passenger in the last panel. He is going for a bit of a high altitude sight-seeing tour. 
Enjoy all you Loyal Legionnaires!


  1. Powerful art! I can see the fear in the evildoers. It is very good that I am on the side of good.

    Didn't you say the comic was going to be in 3D? LOL! Just picking.

    Take care,
    Lloyd, Loyal Legionnaire

  2. Good gangbuster action on this page. I like the scar on the one gangster's face.