Saturday, February 25, 2012

the beginning of #13 and stuff

Well here are the long awaited pencils to page 1 of Number 13. Number 13 is the adaption of ERB's Monster Men written by Martin Powell with art scribbles by me, coming in the future from Sequential Pulp imprint of Dark Horse comics.

While doing the pencils, and now while doing the inks this weekend, I can't seem to get that old 'monster mash' song out of my mind. ha.

Also, it has been a very long time since I updated the Legion blog here.  I won't go into details since it is the old standard things and I hate even using an excuse. Really there is no excuse other than the medical and all. My mother used to have a saying, 'just pull yourself up by the bootstraps and get going'. That keeps running thru my mind too. Needless to say sometimes it doesn't work really well remembering that. And since I hate to post if I don't have anything solid to show. Oh sure there are sketches, mostly bad ones lately, and there are writing ideas and all, but again nothing solid. So I will try and post the inks to this page later this weekend. I should finish it up tomorrow, if all goes well, so look for it later tomorrow.

I always think of tons of stuff I should post about, but then when I start posting it all seems to go away. Ha, one of the worst things of getting old.

I am kind of pumped because of the newer footage of the John Carter movie. It does look like a good adventure film.  And if you can believe the leaking reviews, it is trending as an adventure film with heart and a story. I sure hope so as more people need to know of Edgar Rice Burroughs and his works. Most modern readers or first timers will probably think his writing is stilted and old fashioned, and well it might be in places for the modern mind.  But people need to realize where all the stuff they have been watching for decades comes from.

I was always a bigger fan of the Tarzan novels than the Mars. I enjoy them both a lot, just always could really get into the Tarzan and some of the other series more. I don't remember ever playing John Carter as a kid, but I do remember trying to be like Tarzan. ha.

Also, as a bit of news, I started a page on Facebook for Action Science Adventures magazine. This, if you don't know, was the fictional pulp mag that I created when I started Captain Spectre years ago. His adventures, sequential and prose, would have appeared in this magazine.  But lately with the growing new pulp comics and prose items, I have noticed people from time to time will stumble on the term 'action science' for a description of some adventures here and there. So since I came up with the term when Cap started I thought I had better put out some stuff to anchor my claim to it.  The future Captain Spectre stuff will be under this banner or publishing house.
I would hope in the future to achieve to actually put out issues of this, with sequential and prose stories in it. I really like the combo of comics and prose together in one magazine. I have seen a couple of later day pulps that did this and thought it was something I would like to do.  All in the future, but the mind likes to have something to shoot for. ha.

Also the other day I was churning thru old archive discs looking for a couple of files, haven't found them yet but did find some of my discs are losing date.  But in the process found some older stuff. This maybe be a piece not many of you have seen. I did this cover for a game supplement book for a pulp game company a few years ago. Ha a blast doing it.....I sure need to get back on the painting wagon some day soon.....but time is my enemy.  


  1. Hi, Tom! So happy to see an update!

    Seeing the Number 13 page, my first thought was of Frankenstein, "IT'S AN ARM, IT'S AN ARM!", what a silly though. Excellent art, as always, still looking better each time!

    I'm glad you are getting the Action Science Adventures Magazine anchored more to Captain Spectre, as that is the only thought I have,
    when I think of Action Science. I'm reminded of it all of the time, I have the poster on my wall.

    The last art piece, my first thought was WICKED! It is a cool and scary piece...that skull! Another amazing work of art!

    Tom, you hang in there, the World would be so
    bland without your art. Take care, my friend.

    Lloyd, Loyal Legionnaire

  2. I like both of the artwork you are presenting here. I'd never heard of this ERB book/story. A lot of his work has become a bit obscure at this point in time, even though pulps still remain a wellspring Hollywood draws from for a lot of their ideas. I'm excited and hopeful about the new John Carter movie as well. Since Disney is behind it, and the effects look good, at least from the trailers I've seen, I think it should do well. I hope so.

    The painted pulp sketch is done rather well. I can't tell if you hand painted that or it was done from some paint program on a computer, but looks to be hand painted. I like how in the background behind the main character there's a shadow of one of the bad henchmen--seemingly in the lair, so to speak. The character reminds me of something like The Spider.

    Always fun to see what you're up to.

  3. Thanks guys, I really do appreciate you very very kind words as always. thanks. Yea, I couldn't get that Monster Mash comedy song out of my head, but now that it is inked maybe it will quiet down some...ha. thanks.

    Also I guess I should mention things like that painting. It is actually a painting on board, not a computer thingy. I will try to remember to post that when I post stuff that is questionable in media. And yea the Monster Men is one of ERB's one shot stories. It is a bit Frankenstein, a bit Tarzan, has some pirates, and of course a twisted love story. ha.

    Again thanks guys.