Saturday, August 11, 2012

Where does all the time go anymore!

Well Loyal Legionnaires, bet you gave up on me.  Well I almost gave up on myself.  I have been working on things, and doing my normal job too.

But since the last post I have just been exhausted.  Blame it on the heat, blame it on the total lack of rain killing crops and yards, but mostly blame it on me.  It seems to happen about this time every year, and I never knew what caused it.  Then one day a friend of mine said, 'hey isn't this the time you went into the service'?  And guess what, my enter day into the US Army was Aug 3rd.  So it seems weeks before that date and a week or so after that date are the toughest times of the year for me.  Like when some people get the holiday blues....I guess I get the 'oh god, i got drafted' blues. heh.

Also I have been trying to increase my writing ability by doing various things.  But never fear Legionnaires, I am actually working on Captain Spectre from time to time.  And you will begin to see the results pretty soon.  I hope.

So in the mean time I am continuing work on the Dark Horse project, Number 13, I have toned the Spider Christmas story that Martin Powell wrote and it appeared in color in a Christmas annual - but now is going to be reprinted in a Spider collection of stories just written by Martin Powell. That will come from Moonstone later this year and I will post more about it so you can pick it up if you like. Also working on a set of illustrations for a prose KiGor story, once again written by Martin Powell and showing up in a series of books called the Return of the Monsters from Moonstone.  And like i said i squeeze Captain Spectre in there too. whew.

So anyway I also did some sketch cards for one of my favorite comic conventions..... and some designs for a nether water creature for the KiGor story that I will let you in on.

So all for now Loyal Legionnaires, and watch the skies because Captain Spectre is coming!!!!!!!



  1. My dad got drafted into WWII as well, which he wasn't thrilled over, although he had brothers and a sister that joined. I got a deferment for Nam service (a bad skin condition), which I was grateful for. That said, however, I've always respected the vets.

  2. By the way, good sketches all the way around. I really like the colored sea creature.

  3. Hi, Tom!
    I am thrilled to see another update, and what an update! The KiGor nether water creature, is awesomely scary. If I was to pick I have to? Very Creature from the Black Lagoonish looking, and that is more of a reason to love them.

    The sketch cards for one of your favorite comic conventions, are amazing! A lot of my favorite heroes, all in one post...except Captain Spectre, but, you did mention you are working on his story, so I'm happy.

    It is so good to see your work again, worth the wait! Take care my friend!

    Lloyd, Loyal Legionnaire....ALWAYS!

  4. Thanks El....wish i had been smart enough to get out of the draft. I was hit by a technicality of hours in my last semester of college during my first year. ha.

    Lloyd, yea stay tuned, work on Cap is proceeding I am ironing down the whole story so I can get started....have had a few false starts, but those will be good for the printed collection of it all someday in the future. ha.