Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to all!!!!

Well Merry Christmas to all out there in Lighting Legion land!  Again what can I say, except sorry for the lack of updates.  I do apologize again for not updating more often, but with my very very slow production rate anymore it just seems like I never get around to the blog. Sometimes I pop things up on Facebook, which is really starting to annoy me, but it seems to spread the work and the word you have to try to take advantage of all the media stuff you can.  I will try to make this the first spot I update in this coming NEW YEAR.    

Just a simple pin up shot of 'jack' Ms. Jacqueline O'Brien for the christmas season, it does have a bow in the picture! ha. 

I am also endeavoring to finish the reformatting of the KiGor story written a couple of years ago. It seems to have been dusted off and might be published by Moonstone sometime in the future. Here are the first four of ten final pieces for the story 'War of the Beast Men' written by Martin Powell.  

Again I want to wish all my Loyal Legionnaires out there a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a very happy NEW YEAR!   I hope this year brings you better fortune and luck than the last! We could all use a good bit of that.... I know I can with my health issues and age problems.  I do promise I am working on Captain Spectre, when my health permits, and I do hope to have that first issue done sometime this coming year.....i hope.   Til next time Legionnaires!  thanks. 



  1. Hi Tom! Merry Christmas and Happy (I hope) New Year!

    It will be good to see updates here more, because I don't do Facebook, so I miss any there.

    What a sexy pinup of Jack! Just what I need to warm my Winter.:)And, I can't forget Helena!

    The KiGor art, AWESOME! I still swear your art gets better every time I see it!

    As always, is so good to read your updates, I do worry about you, my friend! Take care.

    Lloyd, Loyal Legionnaire

  2. Thank you Loyal Legionnaire Lloyd! sorry about the slow updates here, i will speed it up.....and happy holidays to you sir!

  3. Tom, you don't need to apologize, you do your best, and that is good for me, I can't ask for more. Besides, what you post, is worth the wait.

    Lloyd, Loyal Legionnaire, Always!