Sunday, March 31, 2013

....things are happening!!

Hey loyal Legionnaires, well i know i should be posting more updates with all the things that are going on it is tough for several reasons.  One reason is i have just been so busy. Another reason is, just like the sign says above, some of it is top secret!  But i will hint at a few things, just because i can't stand keeping some secrets, ha.

With my early retirement age rapidly approaching - at around a year and a half - things are really starting to happen.  One of the reasons or conditions that i might be able to do the early retirement thing is finding a bit of sideline comic book/strip work to add to my paltry sum that social security and what little retirement money i have saved will bring me.  Well again no deal is final, but that might be coming together at just about the right time.  Also one of the things i wish to do is be able to retire and then just do comics!!! My own comics i have planned and something for a little income.   So anyway i sure hope it all comes together and then the future will look so much better to me - and to all the loyal Legionnaires - because that means more time to work on Captain Spectre, and this other thing that you loyal Legionnaires will also enjoy!!!!

So everybody wish me luck and i will spill the news as i can.  And now let me find some recent things to post for your enjoyment...... thanks Legionnaires...... i do appreciate all of you!!!

Also i have started on my part of the 'Jungle Tales of Tarzan' that should be published probably late this year or first of next year.  This is a great project as it is an authorized adaption of the collection of Burroughs short stories.
I have been given the chance to illustrate the last tale in the book. Tarzan rescues the Moon, wish will be adapted by Martin Powell.  Each tale or story in the book will be illustrated by different artist..... everything from Terry Beatty (of the Phantom Sunday fame) to Pablos Marcos, to slubs like me. ha. So here are some items from the beginning of that project - coming from Dark Horse!

Also here are a few extras i did as warm ups and such.....again enjoy all, and thanks. 

until next time Legionnaires!!!! take care and enjoy life ---- and thanks for looking in!!!! 



  1. The secrets are safe with me, pal.

  2. Hi, Tom!
    I will overlook the delay posting, because YOU ARE BUSY. That is good news, and I do wish you luck, you deserve it!

    I do look forward to more Captain Spectre....maybe,also the Movie Serial.:)

    The art from Tarzan Rescues the Moon, is awesome. You know how to get the excitement going on this project.

    As always, I'm thrilled to see your art, you still seem to get better each time. I too, look forward to your retirement, so I get to see more of your work, and especially more Captain Spectre.

    Take care. my friend!

    Lloyd, Loyal Legionnaire

  3. Good luck with your endeavors and I look forward to some of these new comics.

  4. thanks everyone!!!! i do appreciate your understanding and Loyal support! thanks, you don't know how much it means to me. thanks so much.