Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas time.......

Hello Loyal Legionnaires...... if any are still around.

I did manage a Christmas Captain Spectre image this year, in spite of all else. It took forever to do it seemed like. Stealing a minute here and there, while struggling with the day job still, and Carson of Venus.
Seems my health is really starting to effect my working speed and stamina. I am barely keeping up with Carson and the day job deadlines.  I know people don't like it, you think i do?????  Things i used to pencil and ink in a day now takes days!!!! You think i could possibly like that as a life!! Not in your life.   I know they are thinking of letting me go from the day job, hell i haven't had a raise or a good review in years.  They have their paper trail in place, so it is only a matter of time.  But that is ok i am ready for it.....anytime.  If they think they have won, the laugh is on them. I win.

Other than that, mentally i think i am ok....just the body is failing fast.  Tough to hold a pencil, to move my arms, Hell to do anything anymore.  Plus when i do move i have to contend with a form or nerve tremors.... they used to call it palsy back in the day..... but anyway i have it and it gets a little worse each day.... anyway enough of that shit.

Christmas holds such wonderful memories from childhood.  i wish i could make christmas like that again someday.  But, i just can't.  It just doesn't happen anymore.  Things are sure lost in the dust of the past.  i just hope everyone can understand that, that needs too.

Anyway, here is the Holiday image from Captain Spectre, and Rocket this year.  Consider this the family photo, the Holiday newsletter, and all from me you all of you out there........ Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!!! .....i hope it is a better one ........


  1. I woke up today and it's 70 degrees outside. It's a balmy Christmas, but I'll take it. I went to bed last night with tornado warnings--I can do without that. Sorry and sad to read about your health problems, I have them too, though not the same. I thought I was loosing some of my hearing in my left ear, which is a something that was bothering me, plus I always have ringing in my ears from working around heavy equipment and noise. My allergies have been on the war path. In essence, getting older. I guess there is some way to come to terms with age, but it's difficult at time. At least we still have our memories, and we'll take a few rewards when we can get them. From the sketch you left, I'd say you've still got it though it may take longer these days. Have a good holiday.

  2. Hi, Tom!

    I was just thinking of you and wondering how you are doing. It is saddening to hear about you declining health, I was hoping you might have found some relief by now.

    Awesome Christmas gift, thanks! I am thrilled to see your awesome art again, and most of all, the Captain and Rocket.

    I hope you and your family have a great Christmas and I really hope you have a better year next year, you deserve it!

    Take care my friend, and get better!

    Lloyd, Loyal Legionnaire...FOREVER!

  3. Yes we are still around!!

    Hope you feel better in the new year. Thank you for taking the time to create and share this inspirational image of the good Captain.
    It's always great to see your art!

  4. Still here reading in little ole Christchurch, New Zealand. Its been a while my friend, hope to see more art and, more importantly, Captain Spectre!!!

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  6. Very nice art. Love the character.