Saturday, July 18, 2009

Influences from childhood

When I was a kid, a long time ago age wise - but in my mind I am still a kid, Roy Rogers had a great companion other than Trigger, Dale, or Pat Brady...Bullet was my favorite of the cadre of characters from the show. I guess dogs were always kind of special in my day. Especially dogs that could rescue you, or attack the bad guys, or protect the innocent. Bullet was one of those great dogs.
That is the main reason that Captain Spectre has his dog - Rocket. I haven't used him much in the strip, but I have plans for his future.
Just one of the many influences that goes into the strip. So here is a quick reference sketch I did to get the feel of Rocket for his part in the strip.


  1. Rocket looks great.

    I have a great fondness for canine hero companions, too. When I was a kid I often read Superboy more than Superman because of Krypto.

    And Lee Falk's Phantom had the wolf, Devil, as a partner.

    Shames Robin all to hell.

  2. I remember those days too, and Roy Rogers and the gang. It seems I remember Andy Devine as well, though that may be from a different serial. Seems he had a jeep he called Nellie Belle or something similar. At any rate, cowboys along with Roy Rogers were one of the many we'd watch. We also like: Sky King with Penny, Flash Gordon, Zorro, Lone Ranger & Tonto and the many cartoons of course. Fond memories.

  3. It's a shame that I don't have a dog, but I am not around the house enough to be responsible for a dog. Maybe when I retire.