Friday, July 31, 2009

Interview at DieselPunks...

Hey Loyal Legionnaires, the great folks over at DieselPunks did an interview with yours truly!
They run a bang up show over there and I just want to personally thank Tome who put it together and Jonny B. for signing me up. It is a great site.


  1. Cool interview, Tom. I ran across a very cool site, I thought you and the group at Diesel Punks would enjoy. I don't know the guy that runs the site personally, just ran into his work on the web. At any rate, I found his short movies on pulp characters on YouTube, but he has them posted on his personal blog site as well, so I'll just give you that (and those that follow your blog). At some point in time, perhaps I'll post over at DP as well.

    At any rate, he has short movies he's made on Doc Savage, the Pulps, The Spider, and from the looks of his site, he's also developing a story on some pulp charaters as well. At any rate I thought I'd post that here, and check out his movies, they are SUPER!

  2. Yea, that is Don's site...I have had emails with him over character development and such.

  3. That was an enjoyable interview.
    I noticed you mention your future plans for our hero, and leader, and I am really excited about them....WOW!

  4. Oh, Tom, by the way, I happen to know someone who can custom make a Captain Spectre garrison cap for you. She's made costumes for Bruce Willis, among others.

    And I happen to live with her. Heh.

    It's black with red piping, right?

  5. Wow Martin, that never crossed my feeble little mind....hum.....I may need to save up some money to get that going.

  6. Lisa says to keep your wallet closed and tell her how many you want.