Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ki-Gor, Lord of the Jungle

One of the things I have been meaning to post, and comment on is KiGor, The best Tarzan knockoff of the Jungle. I have always liked the KiGor character. He had a long journey from pulps to men's magazines into the 50's. He comes complete with a female character, Helene. Like Jane, at the first she wants to get KiGor back to his english roots. She always seemed a more solid character than Jane to me. Jane, now don't get me wrong, is great - especially when she goes missing from Tarzan and has to stand on her own. But Helene starts out a strong character by falling out of the sky as her plane is in trouble. She is a pilot, a good shot and of course the typical reason for alot of situations KiGor gets into. As the stories went along she becomes a much more sensual character than Jane ever did. This may be as the stories moved from Jungle Stories magazine into more of a men's magazine format later in the run.
Joe at Moonstone has given Martin Powell and I more or less a free reign with the stories, which will be eleven page back up style stories. We are going to do a couple and see what happens.
Martin and I are on the same page with these, mainly because Joe at Moonstone wanted to know what makes KiGor different from Tarzan.
We are going to play up a little used item from KiGor's history. He was raised by a shaman after his true father's death. Also we plan to make KiGor's Africa a very strange and scary place.
So hang around for some good old solid Jungle Action!!!


  1. Ki-Gor? Never heard of him. It don't matter, because, it you are working on it Tom, then it will be great.

  2. Honestly, I'm looking forward more to writing KI-GOR than all the other things cluttering my desk right now.

    We'll have the second best Jungle Lord in fiction to breathe new live into, then we get to play with supernatural swamps, Piranha-men, were-leopards, prehistoric beasts, and a sexy red-haired jungle girl.

    Best of all, it's pretty much free reign and I get to work with you again.

    And Moonstone is even gonna pay us for having this much fun!

    Who could ask for anything more?

  3. Have to echo Lloyd. Have not heard of Ki-Gor, but if your artwork from SECRET WORLDS is a good indication it should be worth a look.

    I also wanted to say I am new to your site, I really enjoyed your illustrations in The Spider Chronicles which brought me to your Captain Spectre website.

    Wow! Your story and artwork are fantastic. You have consistently captured a pulp era feel throughout the web site and the story itself. Very impressive, especially as I assume you don’t actually have an entire staff helping you out. I hope you have a quick recovery from your recent close encounter of the antlered kind. I look forward to seeing what’s next for Captain Spectre.

    Any thoughts on compiling all of the Captain Spectre stories into a hard copy book? Also, do you have any stories focusing on the other characters? I am curious about Jack and how she joined the team.

    Also since I see you are teaming up with Martin, let me say I thought he did a great job of convincing me that Richard Wentworth might actually feel sorry (and even half-way empathize) with the villain of his Spider story.

    Best wishes Tom to a speedy recovery and a newer truck.