Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thanks for all the kind words and concern...

To all my loyal Legionnaires....Thanks. I do appreciate all the kind words and concern over the recent events.
It will still be awhile before I get back to the Captain Spectre strip. Mainly for two reasons.

One: I was kind of on a slump the last few weeks. I was running out of my very small backlog of strips, and to be honest I have been in kind of a creative block. Nothing seems to be flowing as far as creativity is concerned. I haven't been able to do good layouts, or storytelling. The drawing seems ok, just putting it all together and down on paper seems to be the rough part.
But I am sure that things will work out in a short time and all will be back on track sometime soon. I am sorry, because I was wanting to get this chapter wrapped up sometime soon and move on to the stand alone book shortly.

Two: I had been tired and fixing to start my vacation when the wreck happened. So on the top of needing some time to decompress mentally....I now had to contend with some physical pain from the took a day or so but finally these old bones started hurting quite a bit. I am still limping around a bit. Plus now without a vehicle I will be homebound, which in my opinion is a great thing. But all the insurance stuff and arranging the repair of my totalled vehicle took some time and mental energy doing the vacation. So for the next week mostly, I will be working at home on work things. I wish it was on my things. But alas those bills must be paid. No government handouts seem to come my way.

So again thanks to all the Loyal Legionnaires for tuning in and for posting and sending kind words. Without the help of friends in times of need, where would we be.
Thanks to all my friends, and one in particular -- you know who you are.

Also to keep me company this next week, is my constant four footed companion - Chopper, seen above in one of the many drawing assistant positions.


  1. Finally! We get to see Chopper! He's fabulous!

  2. Tom, don't fret on the strip, you have more important things to do now. Once you can get some rest, as best as you can,thing WILL work out.

    I have been worried about you, with your work, and the accident. I hope all gets right soon!

  3. Yep, Martin, Chopper is a good friend during rough times. Alot to care for, but basically a good hearted dog.

    Lloyd, again thanks for the concern. I just need some time to get it all back on track. It is the most important thing to me, so I feel something is really missing in my life during times like this. It's coming around, just slow in coming. Thanks for hanging with me.

  4. Let me add my condolences to you for your recent accident and wish the best and speediest recovery.