Saturday, December 26, 2009

White Christmas is a two sided coin!

Well I guess it is all my fault! I will admit I have been wishing for that white christmas thing for years. Yea, ok we have had snow on the ground for christmas - but never actual snow on christmas day like it is supposed to do for a 'white christmas'. We folks the weather gods must of been saving this one up for me. I am officially snowed in. Which as I mention is a two sided coin. On one side I am snowed in. I can't get out and no one can get in unless you walk. And use snow shoes. We know, because it has been tried. So if someone knocks at my door tonight, as the past couple of nights, they will be a crazed serial killer looking to hide out. Cause on one else is crazy enough to try it. The tractor couldn't even get around good enough to get the snow off the road.
The road in front of the house is covered with about three to four feet of snow and they haven't plowed it yet. I am sure this road is about last on the list of roads to get too. I may not be out of here until after new years!
Some areas of the yard are almost bare, while some places have five foot drifts. All due to the amount of wind. It was amazing. We were in a blizzard warning for two days. Amazing for sure. Most of the state hiways around here are closed or down to a snails pace as only one lane is open.
But today, the horses got a new bail of hay, Chopper got too much exercise out in the freezing weather, as did I.
So it is good and bad at the same time, this two sided coin. Thank the gods the power hasn't gone off, because I couldn't get out of here to a warm place if it did.
So if I ever wish for a white christmas again, someone remind me of this one.

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  1. You are so lucky to see a white Christmas! At least from my point of view. I have wished for one forever. It could have been freezing rain, and no power.

    Where are the snowmen?