Monday, February 22, 2010

Things in the works...

Even tho I haven't been very good at getting the Captain Spectre updates out there for you Loyal Legionnaires, it doesn't mean I was working. The kid with the binocs is from the update I am working on. The KiGor page is a rough layout composited in photoshop from sketches. It is page 3 of the eleven page story. So I actually feel the KiGor story is moving pretty good.
I am trying something different in the process. As I mentioned I am sketching each person separately and throwing them together in photoshop to work out the compositions. Then I will print out the roughs full size and use a lightbox to transfer them to the pencil stage. Then on to the inks. I want to get all the pages to at least this stage before moving on. That way Martin can script them. At my request we are kind of working the old Marvel way. With Martin providing the story, then I break it apart and try to tell it visually. Then back to Martin for the script. I hope it is working out. ha.

And jeez this winter has officially become old and tired. With snow again the other day, about four inches. I think it will be sometime in may before all this damned snow melts.


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  2. I'm having a lot of fun working this way, pal.

    It's weird, but you know how similarly we think. So far your pages are almost exactly what I was picturing in my head while writing the story, including the exact number of panels per page!


  3. Hey Thanks Martin....I was hoping the panels were working out....

    And to the other Legion poster....I am sorry but the translator on the web I found didn't do a very good job, and I am not a speaker of your language.... but welcome to the site, I do hope you enjoy the art and what little story there is in the strip. Welcome aboard, friend.

  4. Tom, I wondered how you were working on the story and all being so far apart. The old Marvel style seems to be working out nicely though. Super nice layouts of the Kigor story. Wow.