Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Gray Day....

The KiGor widevision book is now grayscaled. So instead of moving forward, which by the way I have had some trouble lately doing. But that is another story for another day. I decided before tackling the yard work for the day that I would grayscale of the images. So here is Helene fighting the mandrills / Beastmen. I think this is cropped about what it will look like in the book. I my lighten it up a bit as I think most printers print darker than the image.
Now it is around lunchtime and I am off to mow the back part of the property. Which looks a bit like the jungle Helene is in, since all the rain we have had.


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  2. Beautiful action shot!

    How much more to finish?

    I hope Helene doesn't need to rescue Tom!

  3. I doubt Tom would mind being rescued by Helene. Heck, me neither.

  4. Tom, this looks great. It is fascinating to see the phases of creation. Thanks for sharing and best of luck with your personal jungle adventure.

  5. This just keeps getting better
    and better... Dang Tom.

  6. Thanks everyone for the support on this project. It is exciting being part of the Moonstone 'originals' project. I can only look forward to more. As time permits. Thanks as always.