Sunday, July 18, 2010

Final KiGor, and a journey into adventure...

Well Legionnaires, and Jungle pals, here is the last of the KiGor widevision pieces. I was a bit rushed on this one but felt I had to get it done before my journey begins tomorrow. I am headed to the great state of Texas for a visit with my eldest son and his family, and to attend my 40th high school reunion. It will be an adventure for sure. Tinged with the questions of 'will my truck make it', 'who will be around the reunion', and many other questions.
But I am confident that all will be well and fun no matter what. After all they do call it a vacation! Altho today has been filled with laundry, working on KiGor, doing a bit of cleaning, trying to pack, and all the fun things that make you ask yourself - 'this is vacation?'
So I will be out of pocket, as they say, for a bit over a week.
See ya soon, Legionnaires and Jungle pals.


  1. Fabulous finished illo, pal!

    Have fun in Texas!


  2. That is so much better looking, with the shading. The rays of the sun is a great backdrop to the action.