Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Progress report....

Well, Loyal promised I will keep you appraised of the work and situations around the Secret Headquarters. Issue 2 of the Phantom Unmasked mini series is lettered and delivered. You will want to pick up both issues, it is a short but quality Phantom story. Written by my good friend Martin Powell, these might be the last Phantom issues from Moonstone (I don't know that for sure but the Phantom goes to the Ross factory next) but what a great ending.
So with that job done I am back on the widevision KiGor story, also written by Martin Powell....Hey what can I say the guy can write the kind of stories I like to be involved with. So as before I got the word the widevision books of Moonstone are greyscaled. So I am going back and shading the pieces I thought were done. Then two more to create and I will post progress and finals on those here too.
Then on to the KiGor ten page story to be published in one of Moonstones' pulp books coming up. If you haven't heard Moonstone is doing a line of pulp influenced books and calling them the 'Originals'. I think it is great, especially since the Spider is one of the books and looks to be a real winner with the team that is in charge. Finally Spider comics, altho Martin and I did a Spider Christmas story a couple of years back.
I am almost finished writing the first draft of the first stand alone Capt. Spectre comic. As voted on here at the blog, it will be a pulp action slobberknocker.
So stay tuned Legionnaires, for updates, concept art, and sneak peeks ..... thanks.... after all it is all for you.


  1. EGADS! I can't help it, when I see that piece, it pops in my head. I do love that shot.

    Thanks for the update, I'm excited!

  2. One of my very favorite illustrations from you, Tom.

    Appreciate the kind words, by the way. I'd say that we're lucky to have found such kindred spirits in each other. There are several other fabulous folks that I'm currently working with, but I'm always happiest teaming up with you.

    You are my favorite artist, and that's a fact.