Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Ki-Gor promo art....and other stuff

Well new KiGor art as in I haven't shown them yet to anyone, so as always Jungle pals you are the first - along with the Loyal Legionnaires who I hope are hanging in there.....waiting.
I should be working on new KiGor pages, well I did work on some layouts this weekend.
Ok here is the real any of you who know me know that I have had pain developing in my right hand for years now. Well I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to see if there is some other pain meds they can give me. Nothing over the counter works on it anymore. Thursday night was the worst in years I can remember. It felt like someone had shoved a two foot needle inbetween my fingers and up into my forearm between the bones. And honestly it is still sore to the touch, much less trying to draw or have a brain cell that works without feeling it. I just hope this doctor believes me as years ago I had one look at it and he said there was nothing wrong. Anyway I apologize for not turning out the work fast enough lately, believe me I am the most disappointed in my production rate. But things just can't be helped.
Sorry for whining, just thought you loyal Legionnaires and Jungle pals should know.


  1. Tom, these illustrations are breathtakingly beautiful. Your inking is exquisite.

    Take care of that hand, my friend. We still have many worlds to create and conquer together.


  2. Awesome! The tough and tender side of Ki-Gor! Making want the book, now.

    Good luck at the doctor, I hope you get relief.

  3. Didn't sound like whining to me.

    During my most recent visit to my Dr back in the US I mentioned my shoulder hurt and I had limited movement. Because he listens and he knew I was heading back to the UK, he had me in to see an orthopedist the same day. One shot and a few weeks of physical therapy and I'm a lot better.

    Good luck with getting the help you need.

  4. I agree with Socrates, you may have to go to more than one doctor if you can't find the right one from the get go. I once went to a doctor about migraine headaches (my dad had them too). And after I described my condition and the pain, etc. he sloughed off my pain by saying, you don't have any migraines, only women get migraines... no prescription or advice beyond that, which I wasn't looking for an Rx, but some way to help ease them might have been nice. So needless to say, that was a bad experience.