Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Off to the DumDum.....in Chicago

That's right Jungle Pals, and Loyal Legionnaires....I am off to Chi-town tomorrow at the butt crack of dawn, to attend the annual meeting of the apes....better known as the DumDum. This year it is being held by the Muckers....a rebel offshoot of the Burroughs Society. I have the posters of the Mucker cover signed, along with the Tarzan posters that I previously previewed here on the blog. I am sure I will have some of each left on my return, so if you would like one I will post the price and all when I return. I would like the Burroughs folks that invited me the first shot at them, of course.
I am looking forward to the trip and meeting up with all the great people at the Burroughs event. Not looking forward to the speech I have to make though. But I will post it here when I get back next week.
Also I would like to make it over to wizard world chicago con, which is being held this weekend also. But money and time will tell that story when I get to it. Not a big fan of finding my way alone in Chicago traffic, but I guess if I was to go Sunday would be the day. Of course I also have to think about getting back home to all the work that is piling up on the drawing table.
So if you are around Hillside Ill. this weekend, drop by and see what's up in the Burroughs fan world. It is always a fun time.


  1. Have a safe, fun trip, pal. Hope you sell everything!

    Sure wish I was going with you.


  2. Enjoy your trip, and good luck on your speech. Be safe, and give them a Tarzan yell for us. ;)

  3. What Martin and Lloyed said.

    I've heard it said that if public speaking makes you nervous you should imagine the audience in their underwear, but I guess at a Burroughs convention their underwear may *be* their outer wear. 8•)

  4. Drive safe Tom, and enjoy yourself.