Saturday, December 18, 2010

Well...Somebody had to do it!!

Merry Christmas Loyal Legionnaires, and readers of Action Science Adventures Magazine!

This very well could have hit the local news stand in December of 1939!

Who's to say it couldn't have been done. Ha. I was thinking about doing something for Christmas again this year, and just couldn't come up with anything. I sure am not feeling the Christmas spirit...I usually don't.... the holiday is totally wasted on me. The only thing I like it for is the time off, and I won't even get much of that this year. I have a deadline at work and it is taking me more time on the project than I guessed. Just one of those things that happens way too often.
Then this thing sprang full blown into my mind late last night. I hadn't actually inked anything in a bit...the job I am doing for work is being inked 'digitally'. And I am not a fan of working that way, but the job calls for it. Anyway, I wanted to kill two birds with one I did a Christmas thing and inked it....then threw some digital coloring at it, and here you go Loyal Legionnaires! I would assume that Captain Spectre would give up his feature story once a year for a new Kringle: the Avenger - Super Science story. I can only imagine aliens landing at the north pole to steal all the toys. This of course would result in a world wide disaster that only Kringle: the Avenger could deal with....maybe with a bit of help from Captain Spectre! ha.

Enjoy Loyal Legionnaires......Merry Christmas and happy holidays!!!!!


  1. Great work as always, Tom... that's one pulpy Santa!

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

  2. Tom, a real kick butt cover! Awesome! Cover of the year!

    Have a great Holiday, my friend! I look forward to more of my hero, Captain Spectre in 2011.

    Lloyd, Loyal Legionnaire.

  3. That is one tough looking Kringle.

    Reminds me of "The Night the Reindeer Died" segment in the movie Scrooged where Lee Majors - the Six Million Dollar Man has to help an AK-47 wielding Santa.

    I love that movie.

  4. I'd hate to be the naughty kids on his list. Nice pinup. :)