Friday, February 18, 2011

I am not a doctor, but I play one in a comic book....

Just had to post this concept idea. Not going to tell where it is from or when he will appear. Just mainly wanted to get it posted before someone else hits on such a simple idea for a character. He does plan on being a part of the Captain Spectre galaxy of characters.


  1. My very first professionally published story was called "The Dinosaur Doctor", a short horror tale drawn by Seppo Makinen in an anthology comic book called CREEPY TALES!

  2. OOps, Martin, hope this isn't bumping into your character? Let me know if it is, ok.

  3. I like him!

    One look, and you would think...villain, but, I think he would be a great allie of Captain Spectre.

    Lloyd, Loyal Legionnaire

  4. I like the concept.

    But thank heavens the Doctor is not wearing rubber gloves.

  5. Don't worry, pal. They're nothing at all alike.

    Have a look:


  6. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news Tom...
    Atomic Robo already has you beat.