Friday, February 4, 2011

slow going....

Well this week is almost a total loss. Inking the buildings and finishing this up is ALL I have been able to get done this week. Great production speed, huh.
Pardon my french, but it just amazes me that I have to wait so long to get to this new doctor, and even at that the steroid shots they gave me didn't do shit, and she refuses to give me any pain medication. Amazing, I thought doctors were supposed to make life easier.
Well I go in tuesday to get all the test results and grizzly news. Then I am sure her and I will go round and round. I have taken a full week of sick time because of my hand and arm. I am sure that isn't playing well with the people I work for. Hell if you only knew how typing this is going. It may look fine in it's published form, but I think on average I miss hit a key in every word I even type anymore.
So anyway, I may try to throw some color on this piece this weekend. But then again maybe I won't.
So until this is kind of cleared up or I find yet another doctor, I am at least going to find out what some of these test results are, hell I am paying for them so I might as well, don't expect too much production from me.
sorry, Loyal Legionnaires.........


  1. Hang in there Tom, the piece looks great. I hope you find some relief soon. Man, doctors...I won't get political here, but something needs to be done in that area. You don't know how bad it is until you deal with that mess.

  2. Best of luck Tom.

    One benefit of living near a major urban area is many choices for doctors. If the first doctor does not listen or is unhelpful, one can move on to another. When I moved out to the DC area getting a good recommendation for a doctor was crucial.