Saturday, March 5, 2011

warm up drawing goes crazy!

Usually as a warm up drawing I try to do poses for Captain Spectre flying or fighting. Mainly because they are more fluid and have some energy, and for warm up drawings that is kind of what you want to either get into, or out of your system. Also lately because of my hands I have been using large paper so I can kind of get all the joints and things going in the same direction. Well this morning started with a couple of very quick roughs sketches then this one just struck a cord. My arm felt ok, and things were going good so I just stuck with it. Also must of the time if I do a pin-up type thing it is or can be used for a couple of different things. I figure this could be a splash page sometime, or a cover, or poster or banner or something. Anyway now I have something nice to ink and warm up my inking someday, maybe tomorrow....we shall see. Sometimes a drawing gets under your skin and you just have to finish it - strike while the iron is hot kind of thing.

'Solo Flight' update - I don't have any more finished pencilled pages yet, I went back to working out some problems I saw on my thumbnails and layouts. Fight scenes are not as easy as they look to do the choreography for. And especially to make some sense out of. I don't like those fight scenes that don't move right. Anyway hope I can make them all work.

On the medical front, it seems that I had a couple of pains that just won't fade at all with all the different meds I have been taking. So my local doc tried something different, and it seems to be working is a nerve med that attacks the way your pain receptors receive signals from your nerves. So it is a combo of neuralgia and more meds and more time to sort things out. But more on all that as it develops.

Again thanks to all who tune in....I do appreciate it more than you know. thanks.


  1. A nuts and bolts posting, interesting. I didn't think about an exercise before actually getting into a drawing routine. I wondered how you are posting these drawings to your blog? Do you scan them with a scanner/printer?

  2. I like it lots! Make a great t-shirt!

  3. It looks like a teaser poster for a Captain Spectre movie, and some awesome art it is!

    Good luck on the new meds, here's hoping it works.

    Lloyd, Loyal Legionnaire