Saturday, April 9, 2011

Captain Spectre preview, and yes another film rant

Well I guess I will have to post more product than I had thought I would. Mainly because it is all I am working on lately, of course except the product I slap out for the day job, and this blog isn't about that stuff.  Anyway, here is the opening page to the actual story of the book. This will be page 4 since the intro I posted is three pages long. I wanted this page to end up on the left of the spread so that it is facing page 5. Since I seem to spend quite a bit of time on the actual visual design of the story, and panels and pages. I hope it will show in this book. I am still trying to put my best foot forward as the saying goes. 

Again sorry for the long time between updates lately....I am still dealing with these new meds for my neuralgia and my production time is more limited lately. I hope soon my production time will speed back up.

I also wanted to go ahead and post something because of this new type editor and stuff on the blog's backend. Also you might notice a couple of subtle tweeks here and there on this site. I thought it would be neat to add that globe thing showing where all you Loyal Legionnaires are from. If it creeps you out let me know and I can take it down, but I thought it was swell. 

Ok, here I go again with ranting about the new Marvel movies. Altho I am liking the Captain America film more lately, except for the costume, and the whole Bucky story being changed. I told a friend the other day I will just pretend his real costume is in for repair or something, and will just think the film Bucky is another Howler and not actually Bucky.
But this rant is a short one about the Thor movie. One is those 'people' with Thor - the two girls or women or whatever are really annoying for sure to me, especially that youngest one - the one that Tasers Thor. And there we have the main point of the rant. I have seen two clips from this movie, in one the God of Thunder and Lightning gets Tased and he goes down for the count. Am I the only one that finds that wrong? And in the second clip just released the other day, Thor is fighting the emergency room people and someone sticks a needle in him and he instantly goes down. I find this so wrong too. Think about it here....a medical person with a knock out hypo seeing a big guy would administer a dose for a 'big guy', not a dose for a Norse god.
So in two clips so far we have the God of Lightning knocked out by weak electricity and then knocked out by a human dose of some knock out drug.
That isn't my vision of Thor, the Norse god of Thunder!!


  1. The Solo Flight page is so..calming. I feel like I'm with the Captain, soaring among the clouds. Beautiful!

    I agree with your thoughts on Thor. He is a God, not one of us mortals. Once again, Hollywood misses it. I know that they want to get a broader audience, but, show respect for the character. Is it REALLY that hard to do?

    On the globe, no problems for me. I just hope the Agents of Evil don't use the globe to locate my outpost. LOL

  2. A lot of people dream of flying, some running real fast, and many other dreams invade our sleep. In my dreams I don't soar like your picture, it's more a floating ability. Yeah, it's weird for me too. Your picture captures the soaring pretty well though.

    I rented the movie The Fighter--great little movie, and they had a Thor trailer. It didn't bother me too much, but had I been Disney/Marvel, I would have mined one of the other characters first before Thor ie. Doctor Strange for instance done in an occult, horror movie vein or some other character/team. I might rent Thor if the reviews are good, but I'm betting on Cap. America to be the better picture. I might get off my duff and see it at the theater.

  3. I haven't seen the previews. IIR the Marvel Thor of the 60s - 70s was human (with a limp and a cane). He banged his cane to turn into the Mighty Thor and the cane turned into his hammer Mjolnir. Could he be in human form in the previews? I agree though it is odd to have the god of thunder put down with a taser

  4. Thanks Legionnaires for all the kind words....
    Legionnaire Lloyd....their might be spies among us, but I think we out number the bad guys...I hope.

    Legionnaire Vox... Hmmm, I don't really remember flying dreams, I mostly had falling ones. Don't know what that is supposed to mean...ha

    Legionnaire Socrates.... I wish it had been Dr. Blake....there is no such person in this movie. And I haven't read Thor for decades so I don't know if Don Blake is back or not. Sometimes he is and sometime he isn't. But in these clips the guy is shouting "I am Thor, and I am the Odinson" so figure just Hollywood doesn't see all this like we fans do, and I don't think even fans, I think a normal person would like to see a stronger Thor.

  5. Well if he *is* Thor when he gets tasered, godly laughter would seem the proper response.

    I can see drugs working, but only if you got them from the vet who takes care of Jumbo the elephant. ;^)

    Regarding the globe, I don't actually see my location. Apparently my secret lair is still safe.

  6. It takes awhile for the help around here at secret HQ to get around to posting the locations. (Just a slow app apparently, oh well I thought it was kind of cool.)

  7. Apparently Captain Spectre has now discovered my secret lair. Fortunately I was planning on moving soon anyway. Mwahaahaahaha!