Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A quick update, and long overdue.

Here is a quick update to prove I am working on 'Solo Flight', the first Captain Spectre novella length comic. This is just a rough unfinished piece of a panel. Remember I wasn't going to show alot from now on in it's full form, since I don't want to spoil anything about the plot or lack of plots. As I have said many a time, I am not a writer ... I just pretend to be one on the web. Ha.

Anyway to keep all you Loyal Legionnaires up to date with things, I seem to be dealing with this new drug they are giving me for the nerve problems I am having in my arms and hands. They are working on the nerve part but have seemed to let the arthritis part slip thru their fingers. So am still dealing with that too, with these people it seems to be one problem at a time, and that isn't helping with my production at all. This nerve med is making me sleep, which is something I don't really normally do a lot of. Also it is making me be really lax in my production. Making it very hard to do what I feel I need to do. It is an odd thing and I do need to have another talk with these people. I appreciate them wanting to cure it all long term, but when I don't do my work, sometimes I don't know if the cure or the pain is worse.

So stay tuned Legionnaires to the slow updates, I will try to produce more and update more, and the adventures of the sick artist that is trying to just hold a pencil and push it around.....!



  1. Good luck with the continuing med stuff. I like the picture. I always love seeing old theater marquees with a period film being advertised. It made me wonder what the movie poster for Gunga Din looked like. http://static.cdn.masjo.com/movie/images/gunga-din-.jpg
    Some times I really love the internet.

  2. I love it! Your rough stuff is still powerful art.

    I feel sad that you are STILL suffering, even after all the Doctor visits.I hope really soon you can get the relief you deserve.

    Lloyd, Loyal Legionnaire.

  3. The old movie marquee drawing is neat and nostalgic of the era. I think Gunga Din showed recently on TCM. I'll have to catch it next time around. I love some of the older movies.